nubi needs plant size types

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  1. im nubi grower and i was wondering if anyone knew a good short growing indoor plant. i have limited space and not much knowhow about size of plants.
    any help would be much appreciated. o, and if there are less smelly that would be even better because i live with/near people. also any good types of cheap lights>> sorry for all teh questions.
    thanks a lot
  2. Well, I know for certain that Northern Lights are one of the best indoor strains ever due to its potency, miniature size, yield, and low smell. I would recommend it beucause it's also a strong strain to grow. Hm... and if ur looking for some really potent, high yielding, cost effective, top class strain, get the Sweeth Tooth #3 from the Spice of Life seed company. It's the best of the best in my opinion. is a good site to order seeds from also. Hope this helps.
  3. Northern lights is tolerant, and could be excellent for your situation.Knowing the size of the area or box you intend to grow in will help choose lights.

    Read back-posts as well for helpfull info....

  4. Thanks for all the help> i have been looking at past posts and they have been helpful. i have an area about 46''x23"x34" . however looking at other posts it looks like i may need some more space. thanks for the info
  5. You need more space than that.

    Top 44 is the right strain for you.

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