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Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jun 29, 2002.


Should Nubbin change his avatar?

  1. YES! -drastic action must be taken to protect our children.

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  2. No. -I like the guy in the picture, and actually quite fancie him!

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  3. should critter stop changing the poll numbers yes

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  4. no

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  1. this is it... the time has come for this subject to be put to a democratic vote.
  2. please nubbin for the sack of humanity!:(

  3. LMAO!!
  4. that picture just screams \"child molester\" lol
  5. i cant even remember what his avatar used to be.
  6. yeah l must admit to being uncomfortable with that pic,it really scares me man......

    please nubbin for the sack of humanity!

    I must agree!!!!
  7. dis is gettin scary. right now there are six people on this forum who go for the \"want some candy kid?\" look. eeeeeew!

    has nubbin got 6 accounts? or r there really people out there who dig that kinda thing?
  8. Argg if my moderation powers were in this fourm then I would make it 9-0!
  9. I don\'t understand your point digit. The picture is there as a joke so i think you should just go with the flow.

    Chill my friend

  10. heehee, this seems like George Bush\'s kinda democracy.

    thnx mods

    hey mickey, i like jokes... jokes are funny... i\'m even a fan of some really sick black comedies... but that aint funny. it\'s just messin with my head.

    and anyway.... the voters never lie!

  11. well..i just voted and its 20 for the kids, and 2 for the does make for great conversation and polls tho :D...still...a lil too disturbing..seriously
  12. I really just need some sleep. So, please, for the sake of the sleepless(due to the ice cream freak), change the freakin\' avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i dunno.. i think its fucking funny. and besides, it looks like hes the only one on here who got a big avatar.. now the limit is only 75x75 :(
  14. it looks like everyone hates the avatar so why don\'t you get rid of it nubs
  15. i love to hate i dont know if he should really get rid of it...its kinda became him my smiley became me :D
  16. hahaha, maybe somebody should photoshop some dreads onto the ice cream man
  17. i gave em a third nipple in another was grotesque
  18. dreds on ice cream boy??? why do we want to disguise child molesters as rastas... wont that just give rastas a bad name?

    i could think of a few things i\'d like to do to him in photoshop. heehee.

    ps- hey kronos, did we ever hear about your first shroom experience or r we just supposed to go on what elementxero said?
  19. LOL, I just got back fomr my trip and finished reading all my mail, but I didnt find this thread uuntil just now....

    lol I voted \"yes..drastic action should be taken\".... and its 23 to 5...obviousely too close of a race to see a definate winner...maybe we should get a recount goin....its those damn floridians votin for buchanan again....i dunno how, but I have a feeling the winner of this poll is going to somehow be bush...
  20. lmao!

    so... if bush wins... does that mean the avatar changes? or does that mean we strike up a big war on the overgrow forum claiming that they flew a jumbo virus 747 into the grasscity twin shop in an attempt to destabalise our ecconomy and then start a rampage against any other forum claiming they too are terrorists?
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