NSA Quantum Program Leaked: Edward Snowden Reveals How US Government Spies On Offline Computers

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  1. http://www.ibtimes.com/nsa-quantum-program-leaked-edward-snowden-reveals-how-us-government-spies-offline-computers-1541438

  2. I wonder how many more leaks he's saving. 
    Although it is wise to leak them bit by bit as it seems to be going on. It keeps reinforcing itself into the public mind.
  3. The reported indicated that the NSA has used this technology in attacks against Iran's nuclear facilities and to monitor networks in China, Russia, the European Union, Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan, and those of drug cartels.
    When some of those countries, especially China, have installed similar technology on American systems, U.S. defense officials have protested.
    Snowden also revealed that the U.S. established two data centers in China tasked with delivering malware to computers. The NSA has argued that this surveillance is for national security, while Chinese hacking is aimed at stealing intellectual property.
    Maybe he is given this title "whistle blower" on purpose. While Mr. Snowden takes all the credit. We have Mr, Bradley "Chelsea" Manning rotting in prison for speaking up against war crimes...
    Its unfortunate for Manning, but I'm not understanding what you mean by "takes all the credit". 
  6. Man you guys take this shit to seriously. I used to work for the NSA and we are the most hated country in the world we need to watch our backs for good reasons. Shit happens every day that the public doesn't even know about and its military actions that should be taken. People who sit back and bitch about what they do should maybe join up and see why they do it.Sent from my XT1030 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. brb wrapping my computer in tin foil
    No thank you, I dont need to enlist in the military or work for the NSA to understand why those countries hate us, which is because of the US military and the NSA, among other things. Not to mention those justifications lead to increased government power, and then decreased freedom for its citizens.
    It's like every person in government is willfully ignorant about the term blowback.
    Sure you did. We are hated... so lets spy on everyone, they're totally not going to hate that. I mean, should we stop all the actions we are being hated for? Hell no! Lets spy on the haters. 
    According to Glenn Greenwald, a lot.
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    Agreed- it's definitely a strategic move. I don't think it's a coincidence this leak was revealed a week prior to Obama bullshitting the nation about cutting back on surveillance programs. It's definitely intended to keep them off their A-game and rattle them, amongst exposing their fraudulent behavior and agenda.
  12. I think all Americans should send a large fecal sample to the NSA headquarters.

    Its your duty.
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    Lol, yeah exactly. I remember hearing that the strategy is to wait for them to say a lie and to completely expose it the next day. Genius. 

    That sounds like a shitty plan
    But the question is, which one? :confused:
    Maybe I'll send one of each.
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    And with Snowden being who he is, and what he is capable of, he can call them on every lie and then some for a couple of years. The news has nothing but room for content of actual substance nowadays. Even FOX reports something decent every now when they aren't juggling the cum of the nearest major Republican in the building.
    Holy shit.
    I've never done the croc family. Ever. That's a lot of food and a lot of holding it in. 
    Red October!? Oh dear lord....
    I hate when it REALLY goes into the breach. Its like... wtf? Did i shit or not? Where is it?
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    Where does he go after his time is Russia expires? 
    I think I remember hearing, and I don't know if this was exaggerated, that he has only leaked 1% worth of info. That's just.... haunting.

  18. Literally overflow their mail with shit.
    Quite shitty.
  19. He might have to consider seeking shelter in one of the Spanish countries. Who knows?
    but but its for our safety

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