Ns1's first micro grow - based on RG's rubbermaid design

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  1. Hello all! Quick preface, I'm a MMJ caregiver trying to become self sufficient

    That being said, I got 2 grape ape clones on Sunday and have been taking care of them sense. Stealth was my number one concern, so I had to go with a microgrow. I also only have 3 months to grow these bad boys, so I had to start before I got all my pieces in place.

    Setup: currently in an 18gal rubbermaid box. Running 4 43watt daylight CFL's for a total of 172 watts on a 24/0 schedule (but probably going to switch to 18/6 very soon). Grown in FF soil with grow big/big bloom/tiger bloom on ready when needed. Soil is 75% FF, 25% perlite, a touch of dolomite lime. Started the clones on their way to being lst'ed

    pics day 2

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  2. What A Fantastic Journal!

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