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  1. No Reason Boners

    They usually happen at the worst times. For some reason last week i had one for the entire 45 min drive i was making.

    Anyone Belt tuck?
  2. oh god yes i belt tuck WHENEVER the need arises..

    that was my key defense as a virgin freshman in highschool, amongst an ocean of fine babes.:cool:
  3. belt tuck hurts when u sit
  4. Ahh the memories of adolescence.

    Shit sucked.
  5. I have a fear of belt tucking because I never wear jeans or belts, usually baggy trousers or cottons, so I'm afraid if I get a semi and then a full on hardon it'll just brake out and the trousers will hang under it

    that make sense/?

    back to the topic, hate random boners. Get em in public all the time. get em in cinemas a lot too

  6. lol
  7. I never do the belt tuck. makes me feel crazy weird ha.
    i usually just let it ride down the side of my leg or kinda let it go towards my hip kinda.
    I'm not afraid too show haha.
  8. Oh man....NRB's. They rarely happen but when they do it's always bad timing. At work or at school or something. It's always when you're wearing gym shorts or something too hahaha.
  9. I hate when you get them at work and you're wearing smart trousers, gotta find excuses to stay at your desk and shit...:laughing:

    At my old work had a fine as fuck girl workin in my room, there was more reason behind those boners I guess though lol

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