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  1. hehe... ya thats called maths!! I would love to see that recipe
  2. Example:
    Lets say NorthCGrowGuy grows 908 grams on one 1000w HPS using good nutrients and it took a total of 80 days to harvest (clone to harvest). He would have .908 grams per watt.

    Now lets say Dr. Green grows 908 grams on one 1000w HPS, but he used his own nutrients that caused slow growth and small buds, so he had to veg for six months and had a total time of 240 days. He would also have .908 grams per watt.

    What does grams per watt tell us? Nothing.

    Now the THC percentage:

    Dr. Green boasts he measures 35% THC in the bud he claims to have grown. When asked how he checks the THC content, he says he can tell by smoking it.

    I don't think Dr. Green is the only fool thinking he can accurately measure THC by smoking it. As a matter of fact, I feel it is the most common way of posting such results.
    Sure a gas spectrometer may be a proper way to obtain real percentages, but I bet it is seldom the case.

    Great formulas for making up fish tales, otherwise useless
  3. Dr. Green, get your whack quack post's off this forum people are going to take you seriously and be F'ed
  4. hahaha... first of all it doesnt take 6 months to veg. It's maximum 2 weeks in 4'' pot and 5 days in a 8'' pot! Second of all if it takes someone 6 months to veg and gets a crappy result thats his problem. Third of all I usually get more then 1 gram per 1 watt and the buds are nowhere being even close to small or average! I said 30% THC in my buds. Some guy claims to have reached 36% and tested it in a lab!

  5. you were the one on some other thread spouting off bullshit about how vegging for 6 months in 8" pots is optimum. Almost everything you come up with is complete crap. and this isnt the first time i have seen you give advice that is way off from something you told another blade only a week earlier. You cant keep up with your own bullshit Doc. so quit it. Most of us are fed up.
  6. I never said it was optimal. I said if you want to you can and you will have a hug plant and get a very decent crop!
  7. maximum 2 weeks? then all of a sudden when your called out your shit starts changing. again, your memory cant keep up with the bullshit that spews from your mouth. Do you work for BP?

    also your measurement for pot size is way too vague. 4", 8" whats the measurement? height? width? diameter? circ? your answers just raise more questions then anything.
  8. What am I changing to check out my grow guide! Normal standard size 4'' and 8'' growing pots! Maybe you should go take a look at your local growing store and get some info. Honestly you simply sound like an inexperienced grower that has never grow more then 3 plants at the same time!

  9. how do you know what pots my local growing store has? they actually only measure their net pots for Hydro in inches. Everything else is by the gallon. As it should be. volume is the biggest concern when picking pots. I have seen .5 gal 8" pots and i have seen 5 gal 8" pots. And you still never clarified what the 8" is measuring.

    So like i said earlier, your answers are too vague and often raise more questions themselves then any useful information.

    I will not take away from you that yes, im an inexperienced grower as far as actual time with a working garden, i have little. But i have a lot of knowledge on the subject. And i have 28 plants at the moment in a closet perpetual that are doing very very well. Take a look at my cig. I actually have pictures. :D So your little jab at me was more funny then anything else.
  10. Yeah completely wack if you vegged for 6 months your plant would be stupid large. However if your doing an outdoor cash crop you could benefit. But never in an 8" pot you fool! You need at least a Hugo block or 50lbs grow bag. Your talkin vegging plants the size of cars. Veg should last around 3-4 weeks indoors bring plants to a relative 1' ft height with around a 2 - 3 ft flowered babe. If your in ebb and low. If you have space go DWC or the newer aeroponic DWC. Veg to 2 ft' get stoked
  11. Green, I think you missed Ozzy's point. He was only giving an example (not your real grow facts). I agree with his example and his conclusion that Grams per Watt is pretty much worthless info used by braggers, new growers, and grow-light salesmen.

    Your method of measuring THC in your own bud is laughable as well. But I can read between the lines and can tell you were not serious.

    Dr. Green I have seen your grow operation. It is a single plant under a CFL. So you may need to veg six month or more to get your one gram per watt (still unsure if it would be possible).

    Dr_Greens grow operation:


    Green, I am not a hater, just doing my best to get some real dialog from you .
    Peace, R.
  12. Yes, Im growing 1 plant under CFL because I have never grown under a CFL before. Im not expecting anywhere near 1 gram per 1 watt. More like 0.25 grams per 1 watt hehe... Thats if the plant is female. So far it looks like a male plant and if it is Im going to keep the pollen and start a new plant. If shes a female plant then I will pollinate the plant to make some seeds! This is just for at my house. My grow locations are top secret warehouse's and I do not take pictures :smoke:
  13. Dr green I am convinced you are an idiot. Who's never grown pot before. End of story. Lol top secret warehouse? Grow for yourself? Check my post. That's a personal grow
  14. well at least I would be technically considered as something from far the nothing we can impose on!

    And I said never grown UNDER CFL lights! Reading properly can lead to a better understanding of knowledge ;) And Yes Top Secret! I check you personal grow guide I need a good laugh! Oh wait you dont have any actual links...
  15. Why in the hell would you ever grow under a CFL. What a waste of time and energy. I would trump you anyday in any realm of plant biotics. You said in a post you went to horticulture school. WTF is that? Oh yeah it doesn't exist, in response I'm an undergrad at Chico State studying agricultural science with a major in botany and advanced farming technique. Your just some kid who went to "sit down, jack off, read how toos all day" and pass it off as your info. Your crystal clear, fucking see-through
  16. Okay so now I'm feeling bad for being so rash. Then again I am known to the state of California to be bi-polar. ;) I needed my meds. Anyway l think that you evaporate illegitimacy but besides that fact maybe you could help me.
  17. so really, Ozzy .. Dr_Green you both have no clue what you are talking about. I'm tired of this. Stop fronting boys

  18. hahaha.... got take your meds ;)
  19. Thanks for this. I've been trying to determine how to do those conversions. I've got a copy of Knott's Handbook for Vegetable Grower's and I am blown away by the depth of study conducted on nutrient ratios and that has been consolidated into a handbook. My thinking is with yours on the ratios of the N-P-K and the Knott's book extends that to cover Ca, Mg, S, and the micronutrients.

    Do you have a ready conversion for 'lbs/acre' or 'lbs/100sf' converted to container sizes of 2 - 5 gallon. That would be most helpful to me and I struggle to find one. Reckon I'm not math literate enough to figure it out myself.

    I'd rep you again if I could but you already got it. I don't get the hate being thrown aroound but that's not my thing. The information you've provided is extremely important to what we do; for those that understand what it is they're doing.

    Peace on all ya'll now.... be good to one another! ;)
  20. Cool, Thanks. I don't talk much about Ca, Mg because the base liquid has enough in the mix and the potassium sulfate is 50% potassium and 22% sulfer. There rest is just some simple maths :)

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