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  1. what i have atm is 7.5:1.5:1.5 how does this sound?
    i relise its not exactly what u said but do u think it wud give good results im gonna go have a look for the ratio u recommened anyways:D

  2. I think you are a bit short on K in ratio to N. I have found that it appears to be very consistent across most families of grasses, corn, hops, hemp, and other agricultural plant varieties that cannabis is most typically associated with that the ratio of N to K should be near balanced. P is still absolutely required and for all the good reasons it is declared so. But we're talking about ratios and my findings are that N and K need to be pretty near balanced for optimal growth when ALL other things being considered are optimized for plant health and vigor (and you know how many of those "things" there are).

    Once we get the ratios established then we have to move on to weight (amount) that we derive from the percentage of the nutrients as listed on the label. It's a multi-step process to determine exactly "how much" of any element one is dealing with by just reading a fertilizer label. Perhaps a better way for me to have expressed the 4-1-3 NPK ratio would have been as 1-.25-1 (for lack of mathematical precision). Then we would calculate the percentage by weight to determine "how much". Does this make sense?

    Balance. We're looking to establish balance in ratio between the macronutrients that plants need and then we figure out "how much" do we put in a container of "X" dimensions.
  3. alrite man cheers
    now i no what i need to aim for i can go to my local shop and pick some up:D
    thanks for all the help man:)

  4. Well yes, your eating the swollen pollinated ovary of that flower. A fruit is a pollinated flower, or an otherwise swollen component. You don't "fruit" marijuana unless your harvesting seeds.
  5. It's a seedless fruit ;)
  6. Hardly, individual flowers should not swell. However some strains they do, I.e Grape Ape. Most desirable, you would want flowers to produce a greater amount of trichomes. I, along with my colleagues disagree.
  7. How did you measure the % of THC range? And what is "THC Range percentage"?
  8. By smoking it :smoke: And the usual range is anywhere from 16% to 36% of the best type of plant!

  9. Show me a 36% plant and Ill show you the MONEY!

  10. hehehe... Honestly I dont remember which variety. Tho someone has managed to test some buds in a lab a get 36%. This is the height's amount of THC I ever heard of.
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    What is 36% of? The total weight? If the THC is only located in the dome of the trichomes, and the trichomes make up only a small percent of of the bud. How does it get to be 36%. Percent of THC seems kinda like a BS measurment.


    Part 2:
  12. Tetrahydrocannibinol and various Cannibinoid substances are found throughout the veins of the plant. All throughout the tissue not just in heads of the trichomes. However the THCs are dense in this "oil". It consists of mostly essential oils and flavonoids. It's actually true that young seedlings have a 5% content of essential oils and THC. There's no way someone tested bud in a lab and got a 35% mark. It would have to be done scientifically, there are too many independent variables. For example the very top flower on a fully ripened plant- measuring only 1cm- could contain up to 50% THC. Where the flowers only a few centimeters down could contain as low as 10%. A good mean avg. Is approximately 15-20% for hybrid strains.
  13. 10% of the flashable material in marijuana. Testing for percentage test smoke not the buds themselves. Just watched the video so I could actually correlate my posts. Sorry for using large words, Sir.
  14. I've just been informe that in addition to smoke testing, testing of "extract" much like testing butane hashish.
  15. And Rumpleforeskin I ALWAYS know what I'm talking about. If I didn't I wouldn't be posting educational posts all over this damn site. I'm not here to learn I'm here to teach, to help discover, to listen and to respect.
  16. I think I would believe Marijuana Man and Rumple before some guy with big words and BS attitude. I think Rumple was taken by the wild claims of the OP's weed measuring at 35% THC. It is like 99.9% of all THC claims.... Total BS.

    I have seen Rumple teaching thousands of folks here and other sites (more then a half million reads to his Bucket step by step). So I doubt you could teach him much. Watch and learn from him is my advice to you.

    Watt to gram ratios and THC percents are fake fish tales of information.
    Yeah I will stick to what Marijuana Mans says and give the rest the raised eyebrow look of BS.
  17. lol... why would gram to watt ratio be fake fish tale!? It's called simple math so you can compare the results... and THC percentage is 100% real.. unless you have marijuana with no THC!
  18. Right, I've yielded upwards of 1800 grams on one 1000w HPS. What's that. 1.8 grams to watt?
  19. this is important if you are making healthy seeds :smoke: keep in mind that sinsemilla is not fructified and therefore not a fruit but only the female sexual reproduction organs! I guess that it needs more phosphorus and less potassium than fruit plants do.

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