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  1. 2nd outdoor plant ever. First was in a pot. This year I choose the ground.
    Day 103.
    I’ve trimmed some leaves already but I’m hesitant to keep going without some advise!
    Now what do I do?? I want bigger buds this year!

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  2. I'm not sure if I'm the best to give advice because I'm one of those, put it in the ground or pot people and leave it alone. I give mine sunshine, rainwater (as much as possible) compost tea and harvest it when it's ready.
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  3. Thanks so much!
    I did that last year, 11Oz yield but small buds with a heady high that didn’t last long. ( yes I watched the trichomes til milky and minimal amber ). We’ll see what this harvest bring!
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  4. <--waits till the amber looks like big sweeps with a 4 inch paint brush under the microscope @ 60x. Smoother, less jittery high that lasts and lasts.
    Mid to late Oct for harvest.
    Are you doing IPM ?? Powdery Mildew and caterpillars can screw your crop in short order.

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  5. Awesome. Thanks!
    Sorry what is IMP . No issues with mildew or critters this far.
  6. IPM = (Invasive Pest Management)
    Green cure for the powdery mildew.
    BT for the caterpillars.

    Cure can be found at most hydroponic shops.
    Baking soda can be used in a pinch. @ 1 tablespoon per gallon of water.

    BT for the Caterpillars. AKA bud worms.
    Bacillus Thuringiensis
    This can be found at most Garden centers.
    Both are rated for organic use and are very low risk. I lost my first grow to caterpillars and tossed 5 pounds of beautiful buds as it was all infested and molded where each drop of cattie crap was. Heartbreaking time.
    I won't grow outside without the 2 products.
    Both need a once a week application.
    Running a bug zapper nearby helps limit the moths that are the source of the caterpillars in the first place.

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  7. I know you will get different answers but I don’t strip leaves from any plant. As noted above, keep an eye out for critters as they are quick to move in. Best of luck with your grow.
  8. I would die. I lost a branch to the wind last year and almost cried!
    Amazing. I will definitely be acquiring this!

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