Now this is some bomb ass buddha

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by demon666, Apr 9, 2003.


The Bomb or the crap?(HINT:DA BOMB!)LOL

  1. Crazy ass lookin weed

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  2. Kind Bud

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  3. BC(Doubt it)

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  4. Crap

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  5. looks ok ,critter

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  1. This is some shit i got from VA when i went to visit a friend...dont know the exact strain but looks like some indica....but i may be me higher than a motherfucker though!!!!!!!! Tasted piney so it may be some crucila ass KB

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  2. looks like budd alright.
  3. what do u mean critter????????????????????????????????????????????
  4. That kinda looks like the stuff i get, light green and blonde with lotsa red hairs, pretty sweet.

    AFAIK indicas tend to crumble easily when dried and sativas tend to saty tighter, could be just how dry tho, but i did notice when i get the stuff that crumbles to powder i get velcro-ass and the stuff that even my herb grinder won't break up gets me lifted instead of stoned.

  5. Looks like some good green 2 me.
  6. looks good to me
  7. man....dont put dat crap on there man....for real....and...looks like bud alright?....come and smoke cant tell the potency just lookin at it...i had some bushy ass lookin mids that got me smacked down and kicked into the concrete....

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  8. hehe, well the first picture looks like some pretty good nuggets with alotta keef. N the second one... i dunno i dont usually get that stuff as middi's around here that often. Mine are usually light green with a few red hairs.... but they both look good
  9. how much did u pay for it dude?
  10. Nugtastic! :p thanks for the pic

  11. looks coo...

  12. Right then, why the poll?
  13. I got some bud like like while visiting a friend on vacation. That's the talk of VA right there, I had to pay 125 a qaurter and it was pretty kick ass at first but it got old to me. It was some really creeping shit. I had to smoke like a blunt of it to feel it imediately. If I smoked a bowl, I feel a little buzz and like 15 minutes later be stoned and then kinda crash and keep a little buzz for maybee 45 minutes. It wasn't bad or anything like that, I just like a couch lock stone from the get. And none of that creeping shit. But it's pretty good shit.

    Yours might be better than mine was man. I think mine wasn't cured long enough. It was kinda moist when I got it (a little too much). And that's sad when you're giving somebody 125 and they're slacking it by selling you a wet bag. Anyways, yours might be better.
  14. ^^^ $125 for a quarter of some stuff that wasn't even that great? Damn dude, you gotta find some better deals. The most I'll ever pay for a quarter is $100, and thats for some serious headies.
  15. Yeah I got the worse end of the deal several times but now I've got the best deal growing in my closet. :)
  16. ^^^

    Word. I guess thats all that matters than. Wish I too was self sufficient when it came to trees.
  17. looks pretty good, nothing amazing though
  18. I live in VA and ive had some shit that looked like that, it is indeed bomb.
  19. Looks a little on the dry side...but it's probably dank. I'll take your word for it.
  20. that shit looks like white widow

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