Now THIS is art

Discussion in 'General' started by My Fax, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. I usually don't like bronze statues. I dunno, just the appearance isn't appealing to me. But this made me think otherwise...


  2. AHHH red box of death
  3. death to the red box of death :(
  4. Hmmm....sec
  5. fixed and that shit is beautiful
  6. whoa im pretty baked right now and thought that was like an actual lowrider plant at first...

    but yeah thats sweet
  7. those are cool, but not my taste in art.
  8. Shit looks dank for sure! :hello:
  9. Yo my boy got some of that shit last week for real. That shit smokes strong as a bitch. We were high for like 56 hours from one blunt.

    For some reason this reminds me of that photoshopped bud thread where everyone was like "Oh yeah, that shit's some red albanian, used to get it from my boy back in the day"

    and then it was like "Yo that shit's fake brah"

    Cool art.
  10. pretty creative

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