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now that spring's here, whts e1 doin this summer?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by daiseyduked, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. do u have any plans, vacations or anything at all for the summer?

    myself? well i plan on spendin alot of time at the lake skiing or kneeboarding. fishing trips, i hope to do alot this summer. i spend too many days in the house or workin. sittin in the back yard by the fire pit smokin a j. that's always fun. well i have spring fever now and was just wonderin what e1s plans were. hope it's a good one! cheers!
  2. in mid-june my tax-money (i pay too much taxes, and will get some back) and vacation money (approx. 10% of what i made last year) will arrive, so i'm going to buy a 100g of hash or weed and be stoned 3 weeks straight, enjoying my vacation :)

    oh, and i'm gonna buy a scooter!!
  3. haha werd, that sounds fun as shit zylark
  4. I will attend bartending school and then bartend, making $15-20 an hour. Hell yeah! I get to play with booze and earn money...which could be used for booze and weed. And I can mess with drunk people. How fun is that.

    "Honey, this one's on the house if you let me drive you home..." :cool:
  5. phish summer tour and as many other concerts as i can go to
  6. Going to Las Vegas for 8 days in July for a magic convention. Other than that, renting a beach house with a bunch of friends and we're gonna be totally cocked and blazed 24/7 pretty much :D
  7. gonna be the BIGGEST party summer for me ever! :D
  8. magic guy~ your a magician? cool! vegas would be big for me though

    bartending school hehehee.

    and smokin as much as possible, concerts, parties sounds like it should be a good summer!

    .....and i forgot, i plan on goin skydiving for the first time. if i don't chicken out first.

  9. YES!!!! AW, you ROCK daisey!! everyone should be doing that this summer..! :D YOU will LOVE it!!!
  10. oh i really really want too! i've never heard anything bad about it. it looks so fun! i just gotta keep pumpin myself to go and just do it.
  11. I'll prolly go up to Ohio to see the family go up to cedarpoint and smoke and get on some rides damn that shits so muuch fun... Then smoke and chill with my friends the rest of the time and get drunk to yeeeeaaaaa.. I'm already gettin excited.. :smoke:
  12. Two words.

  13. Spring?! It just snowed today and yesterday!

    Either way, I'm going to Florida in June, and my friend Paul is coming home from college for the summer...we haven't seen each other since graduation 2 years ago! I can't wait!
  14. Yeah it dropped down to 30 today here. I dont think spring is here
  15. hey! don't be burstin my bubble! it'll probly snow here next week,...but it's just started to get nice out here and i'm excited for summer to come rollin along..ya know.
  16. I would like to go sky diving, but with my luck i would probably get my shoot packed by a drunken idiot and it wouldnt open when i jump out.:)
  17. Woah, that reminds me, I wanna go sky diving and parasailing this summer...I was supposed to go parasailing on my 18th birthday, but my mom changed her mind and gave me 300 dollars to go on vacation by myself...needless to say I bought an ounce and had a weeklong birthday party :D
  18. What I REALLLLY look forward to doing this summer

    is walking through the streets, smoking a nice blunt and pickin up some girls!!
  19. for me this spring and summer, gardening and yardwork... that is the most fun thing for me, except tokin THE HERB!
  20. well wouldn't u know it, it snowed last nite! damn! parasailing~ that would be cool. i'm afraid of heights so i think i'm in the air too long for me to do that. but i would like to sail again. i luv sailing.

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