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  1. I have tried to write this story down a few times but every time i never post it so hopefully this time it will be how i like it. To begin with there are a few things you need to know about me to understand my story.

    To begin with i grew up in South Carolina. South Carolina as a whole is a state that was first to succeed but it is always last to change and very religous...did i say religous? As a kid i was required by my parents who are and were very strict to attend church no matter what. Not attending or having faith was not an option in our house. While i might have looked like the little church boy who did nothing bad i soon came to realize that i could play that part but also have what my parents would consider a dark side. Soon as i progressed through highschool the lies became more and more maybe this is normal for kids. Somehow though i never got caught whether it was sneaking out for the night or just plain getting hammered (this was before i smoked).

    Senior year of highschool was a blast lots of drinking and having fun. I also played tennis and soon got good enough to where i had a chance to possibly play college. Eventually high school ended but i still kept 2 of my best friends for this story we will name them john and will.

    My parents wanted me to attend a small school i knew that. My mom is convinced im visually spacial challenged whatever the fuck that means haha. But i decided to go to a small private school not to mention it was very religous but methodist not baptist like i grew up in. My first few months in college were a drinking tennis blurr. Soon my first semester was over and it was time to go home. First night back my best friend will invited me to a party i made up some crazy lie and left for the night.

    As i entered the party a very particular smell something ive never smelled before hit my nose. It was weed and not only that the first time ive ever seen it smelt it or saw it smoked. Instantly i wanted to try it. And so i got high for the first time and maybe thats where some of my friends would say my obsession with growing started. I would have to argue though and say it was way before that when i wrote AND FAILED my presat essay section because i wrote on legalization instead of my topic. I only realized i had a topic when i asked a friend what they wrote about and they said the president and i said that sucks i wrote about marijuana :).

    Now to skip forward a little its summer time and getting close to my sophmore year. I have a girl friend playing college tennis everything looks to be going accordingly to my parents. What they dont realize and only my girl friend Carla realizes is i have become completely obsessed with growing. It may have been my first love truly if you can be in love with growing i was. I started to carefully calculate how i could pull this off while in college.

    My girl friend was never against the idea although she was scared i guess you could say she was the follower in the relationship. I had everything ready lights fans soil nuts seeds etc i had almost blown my entire summer pay check on it but everything was ready finally!

    I decided to grow this in my girl friends room primarily because my RA was a prick and out to get me. In the next few days i had my first sprout and boy was a tired and had no clue on the journey i was about to partake on. I started growing in the rubbermaid container underneath my girl friends bed in a dorm room. Keep in mind this dorm room is about the size of a large closet VERY small. For a while everything went as planned i had decided that to get a decent harvest i should move the plant to a friends place about 45 minutes down the road. I trusted him and he was my bestfriend we both needed the money to move out from our parents house and this could be the start of the money we needed. Oh and did i mention we both love to smoke?

    Its move day and my trunk has a pot plant in it. I have 45 minutes to drive down a rather busy highway and not get caught. Also I have to get the plant inside his apartment. I make the drive shitting bricks the whole way luckily it was a holiday and most people had left for home so we snuck the plant in easily. It took us about a day but we made a stealth dresser by taking out the back from one i found at a thrift store. I finally got my HPS light going and inline fan. Life is going good and im going to have a nice harvest.

    My friend decides hes going to leave for the weekend and told me he was going to see a friend so the plant would be alone for 3 or 4 days. I thought nothing about it and told him that was fine. Now what happened next ill probably never understand but my homemade carbon filter split in 2 while he was gone. It also just so happened that i was growing some very skunky stuff. My friend gets back and a few hours later he gets a knock on his door. Its the chief of police from his county and my friend has not had the chance to completely get the smell from his apartment. The chief says that they just arrested people 3 doors down from him with a pound of coke. They got a report that they smelled weed in the area (im pretty sure these people made up crap about us so there is not telling if they smelled it or not). The cop told him he would have a warrant to search his apartment on Monday.

    My friend calls me immediately freaking out like i have never heard before. We talked about burning it cutting it down putting it down the disposal everything. As badly as i wanted to do it i knew that i could not. Luckily the area he lives in is a bad area so there were no stake outs on his place. At about 3 in the morning i make the drive grab the plant and setup a very quick place to grow for a few weeks while this blows over.

    My friends place gets searched they find nothing and my friend just so happens to be on the tennis team with the chiefs son. Keep in mind this is a small town. The son convinces the dad nothing is going on and he regularly visits and is very good friends with my friend. We decide its time now to move the plant back down. Keep in mind this is the second time i have had the balls to drive a plant in my trunk for almost an hour. Lets not even begin on how this thing survived.

    The plant is in flowering and seems to be going perfectly as planned. I visit my friends house often now because i am so obsessed. Finally its time to have the chopping party. The buds were beautiful and it tooks hours of work getting all those sugar leaves off. I collect all the bud into a rubbermaid containter and drive back to the dorm. I am ecstatic because i have basically pulled off what i consider difficult to do. Growing in a dorm room at college while being a NCAA athlete oh and did i mention all the smoke i had :).

    I get back and what else would i do but party the night away. I decided i would worry about drying it the next day. Come about 2 in the morning after some drinks im pretty tired and decide to go to my girlfriends to sleep. I also had my car parked there so it made sense. Normally i throw rocks at her window and she comes and opens the door. Tonight thought something different was going on. Then as i stuck my nose up to the window....i smelled one of my favorite things but it made my stomach roll, it was my own weed. Which meant it was not in my car anymore and there is no filter. This is the skunkyest bud i have ever smelled and instantly i know its probably over.

    I am faced with two choices now as i watch from a tree across from her room. I could go inside her room and go down with her (i could already see the blue lights) Or run. I made a promise to her that if we got caught i would not leave her hanging. Longest walk of my life was walking to that room. The cop was banging outside of her room she would not let him in. I told him i was her boyfriend and just came to visit. He told me he was sure she had weed on her and then decided to search my person. My dumbass self forgot to toss the scale i had in my pocket during all this so next thing i know im in hand cuffs. The cop eventually got angry at my girl and busts down the door. What he finds was much more than expected.

    Eventually we go down to the sheriffs and all of the cops are having a party with this. 2 good kids caught with growing weed. Lets punish them! They weighed it out keep in mind this is stems and bud. I got marked down with 468 grams of weed. Roughly a pound. To this day i will never understand how it was a pound but it was apparently. Keep in mind its not cured and there is still some stem on there. Still a pound though means one thing felony. Not only 1 felony but i got 3 my gf got 4. We were charged with a 50k bail. Thankfully my parents are well off and payed it for both of us. 5k after bail bonds men. Which is ridiculous by the way (Rapist get a 50k bond...).

    To skip forward 6 months later i have a lawyer and get off on illegal search. Even though the DA wanted to punish me and make it into a big story he could not thank god to one dumbass cop with no warrant. I am back on my feet now while i lost a scholarship and so did my girl friend we are going back to school soon with no felonies. This was probably the wildest ride of my life and i wish i could write it all down better.

    Looking back on it, it was a crazy notion and probably not the smartest but in no way do i regret it. I love weed love growing it and seem no harm in smoking it. Sorry if this story is not perfect i will add to it if i can!
  2. whoa dude! thanks for the story, that was too real!
  3. Read it all and holy shit what a wild ride!
  4. ya thats intense, glad all worked out
  5. awesome.

    no sarcasm, growing like that; just awesome.
  6. So what do your parents think now? At that point they gotta just let you do your own thing,...
  7. Damn man. That's intense shit right there. Glad everything worked out.
  8. Damn dude that's fucked.

    That's an extremely sketchy gig you had goin, but I'm glad you came out on top.

    Do you grow now?
  9. [quote name='"Kobe4MVP420"']So what do your parents think now? At that point they gotta just let you do your own thing,...[/quote]

    I'm thinking the same thing, that was truly an awesome story
  10. Thanks for reading my story guys wasnt sure if anyone would be interested haha and sorry it was so long.
    My parents what do they think? I ask myself that same question alot probably because i built up for 20 years the image of a white hard working christian kid. I blew all that in a matter of 12 hours. First we never talked except when they yelled. Now i would say its better but being as how my parents are i think they see me as a bad kid as before they saw me being perfect. Hopefully the relationship will improve but its a hard spot right now.
    2. Do i grow now currently no...I love growing like you would not believe but i want to get my degree so currently i am not now. But it is hard

    I might post a few more details i left out earlier later.
  11. ok i'm a friend of moshi's and felt that this little summary did not do this story justice. I'm not will or john, i was actually left completely out of the above story... my friend had written this while blazed and i guess the guy who actually helped build both his grow boxes along with ghetto rigging his carbon filter to help keep his ass from getting caught... just didn't make the cut. I will rectify this glaring error. Let me recap what he said in the above post and give you my two cents:
    Everyone knows that SC is a fucking hick state and you can buy cigarettes, alcohol, and guns easier than pretty much any state. Not to mention his mom is a crazy bitch who would flip shit if she had known moshi knew what weed even was before this fiasco.
    I met the kid at school, but i've heard stories of him and high school and I have seen his drinking habits first hand. With these secondhand accounts along with firsthand knowledge it is safe to assume that high school was little more than a couple memories of girl's asses and tits that survived all that brain cell abuse.
    Our school is not small, it's fucking tiny. People drive by and don't even realize there is a school there. It's a small ass christian private school that can be accurately located due west of Bumfuck, Egypt. The RAs can be compared to a small, unqualified, commonly overweight group of police officers with no power. They're are the decent ones, the corrupt, and the assholes who think if they do not follow the RA handbook to the letter that the earth will spontaneously combust killing all the girls they will never have sex with. This bitch who was my friend's RA fell into that last group. She loved nothing more than to sniff out trouble. Dodging her with a sprouting plant would have been downright stupid. So my friend took it upon himself to grow in his girlfriend's room. He had researched stealth growing until he was pretty much the michael weston(pop culture reference, if you get it i respect you) of weed growing. He had tried to keep the number of people that knew of his little green child to a minimum so up until this point i had been left in the dark. I decided upon learning of the rooted love-child that i would treat it as my home and helped my friend to give it shelter in the form of a growbox we made out of his gf's school owned dresser. we ripped out the drawers and cut a hole in the back to hook up to the fan and carbon filter setup we made from chicken wire and ac filters. We had to do all this with no power tools and in near silence as we were in a college dorm surrounded by fellow students. The only part we got to use power on was the door as we needed a drill and had to use the school's drill which we stole from the art building. talk about sketchy. we were looking over our shoulders for weeks. Then we were on our way to his friend's apartment his car got a flat tire so we had to turn around and move a 3 foot tall pot plant from his car to mine in a parking lot within sight of the campus police station. i know i know, sketchhhyyyy. Thankfully the flat tire was our only mishap on the trip and we got the plant in his friend's place back in the dresser with minimal problems. after that we just had to wait til the plant budded. After we got the call that we had some cute little trichomes showing their heads we decided it was time to take what was ours from this little green prick that had caused so much stress. We cut him down and smoked the bud straight off the plant. not an easy process but it makes a nice tasty smoke that doesn't burn too hot. the plant was a mostly sativa hybrid so we had a nice head high and were really looking forward to seeing the finished product. little did we know in 24 hours time our whole world would be turned upside down.
    we get back to school and finally feel like we can relax a little, cut down bud is a lot easier to hide than a 3 foot tall plant... have a few drinks smoke a couple of cigars and whilst we were enjoying our stogies with a couple of buddies carla decides to call it a night. We stay up for a couple more hours then decide to call it a night. apparently while we were enjoying our stogies carla was trying to be a good gf and was gonna bring the weed in to the room to hang so it could dry. we had decided against this because of the smell, she was unaware and the smell attracted the unwanted attention of the police. they ask to search, she says no, they search without a warrant find the weed, my friends get off without a hitch.
    i was very invested in the whole process and besides moshi probably cared the most for the plant. i fucking love weed. seriously, it's unhealthy. I get high before work, before bed, before i brush my teeth, before i take a shit.... smoking for free was gonna be heaven. that all went out the window. i was worried they would find out i had been involved so i ditched my bowl, papers, and rolling machine in the trash. i was never interviewed or fingered as a suspect and now both my friends are cleared of all charges. i could have made this a lot better of a story if we weren't sitting here baked at our minds right now.
    I'll leave you with a few words of wisdom
    If yo lighter is broken,
    you ain't tokin

    if you love weed,
    it's the only thing you need

    Don't drive high
    that shit don't fly

    if the weed ain't green,
    fuck it it's still weed just smoke it.
  12. Didn't read that second long ass story but Michael Weston wouldn't have got caught..just sayin
  13. well if you read it you would see that it was not moshi's fault.
  14. You should be a fucking writer bro. That kept me entertained the whole time.
  15. Thats intense, good story. Happy you got out of it alright.
  16. Finally not stoned....nice read, and the second hand account is awesome

    Glad you learned something, never grow in confined spaces....and I'm happy your not a felon
  17. Holy fuck! You're the guy with the bike who steals Ivory in How High ;)
  18. Thanks guys for responses love my friends second hand account prolly more accurate than mine!

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