Now that is f'ed up

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  1. Cows are my favorite animals. and I turned the video off at :07 seconds.

  2. I couldn't even watch the whole thing, only saw about a minute. I don't see why the extra brutality is necessary at all.

    Fuck this pisses me off.
  3. These kind of videos make me sick and are the reason I'm a vegitarian. I am totally against violence, but this kind of stuff makes me want to do some terrible things to people like that.
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    Why isnt it legal to cut his balls off (or really lack thereof)

    I want to go 3guys 1hammer on his ass

    Whats really fucked up is that we live near these kinds of faggots
  5. Could only watch the first minute.

  6. I was going to watch it but after reading the responses I thought it would surely harsh my buzz.
  7. This is just BS someone needs to treat these people the same as they treat those animals. I love eating beef but this kind of heartless brutality is uncalled for. What pisses me off even more than the jerks doing all these brutal things to those cows and calfs is the asshole with the camera that just stood there and watched them instead of putting a stop to it.
  8. I would -rep all of those bastards.:mad:
  9. If you can stand to watch a calf get punched in the face over and over and a cow smacked in the head with what looks like a tire iron while a fatass bitch brags about it, you may be fine
  10. im so glad im a vegetarian. it was one of these videos that made me stop eating meat.

    holy fuck, i stoped watching at like 0:30

  11. its under cover video, that one guy wouldnt be able to just stop them.
  12. sry for the double post. but he was probably undercover filming that. If he stood up at the first sign of abuse im sure all of that footage would not have been created. Im sure he felt sick while he was there but he had a priority. without his help these shocking images may never have been released you know.
  13. holy shit.. id like 20 mins with that punk mother fucker..
  14. watch the whole thing, they stab at the cows with a pitchfork and literally ground and pound baby calfs, shits fucked up and needs to stop
  15. You have to tenderize the beef somehow...

    That's sickening.
  16. Fuck that shit. That was the most horrible thing i've ever seen. Hopefully karma fucks them in the ass.

  17. i dont kno man you might not want beef with that guy......
    that shit was fucked up tho forreal

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