now that I fucked up two grows what strain should I choose for the third?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by morbazon420, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. so yeah Iv tried to grow twice and failed both times so my problems was preferted soil hot temps and overwatering so this time I will order a ph meter with my seeds
    I think am going to get fox farm soil and nutes and move my 400 watt MH
    from my 2'x'2 box into my closet wich will be cooler
    so what strain should I grow. am thinking feminized seeds
  2. bagseed. why waste more money?
  3. i agree with stopsnitchin I started on bagseed until i got it right, then went for the big stuff.
  4. first of all I don't normaly smoke buds with seeds in them so I don't realy have any seeds so Id rather buy some fem seeds so I don't have to waste my time growing males
  5. lol fem seeds arent fool proof btw, and you already wasted enough time AND money by killing perfectly good plants, so grow some cheap bud until you can do it right, then spend the extra money on nice shit.
  6. Hey man, I don't know about feminized seeds but here's a strain that's right up your alley: http://www.amsterdammarijuanaseeds....94238135398625614008&currency=49&product_id=3

    It should be real easy to grow, its short, and disease resistant. Not to mention some real good bud, plus its cheap (25 bucks)

    I know your frustrated with the past 2 grows, but shit happens. Learn from your mistakes, you are that much more experienced now. I accidentally burned off half my crop. Anyway, good luck and be patient.:metal:
  7. have you ordered from them before IM thinking I heared something bad bout that company
  8. Hey done feel alone man I f'ed up 2 grows myself and both times I was trying to grow some Purple Urkle and NY Diesel from some seeds that a friend gave me. I only have a couple left and I went out and bought the hydro hut, Fox Farm ocean forrest soil, Pro Mix and a couple other things to help me get it right this time. I was thinking of going with bagseed this time so that if I screw up again it wont be with a great strain like purple urkle. But The only thing is these seeds are starting to get old and I dont know how long they will last. (Purple Urk that is)

    Anyway good luck in all your growing adventures.
  9. wow i didnt know that company was garbage, thanks for letting me know. I have never ordered from them and probably never will now haha good luck with your grow
  10. go to drchronic and get some purple widow..looks like a great strain
  11. Northern Lights is a fairly easy strain to grow. Very forgiving to mistakes being made.

    Nirvana has some seeds for sale, cheap. I would avoid the feminized, expensive seeds until you have a successful grow or two under your belt.

    Good luck.

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