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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Phyll, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. Hey, hope I didn't alienate myself from too many of y'all...I just peeked in my grow room and what did I see but thirteen sprouts. I have them in a 24" dia. planter filled to about 12" deep with a soil mix. I have four flo's clamped around the planter sides and two hanging overhead. I'll be cranking up the intensity with some super bright "daylight color" compact spirals after I crop the tops. When I get to the point of sexing them I'll be able to dig the males out and rearrange the remaining females for optimal coverage and breathing space. As they get higher I can mount four more of the lamps to an overhead boom which can be raised up to about 54" with a few lamps located in the lower corners of the room. I 'll have six overhead and at least two lamps below. I hope to get them up to the 48" level by harvest time (Feb 1). I'm thinking they'll do great in there @ 7 weeks vegging and 9-10 weeks flowering. I plan to try a similar approach to Woody's latest fertilizing and ventilation technique. I don't know if it'll work as well with flo's though. Any suggestions, advice or admonishments?

    As a conciliatory gesture, I will replace the plant I found with another one in the same location in the spring. If I find it there next September or October I guess I'll have dibs on that one too but I think the onslaught of suburban sprawl will have it's evil way with it.
  2. got hps?:) seriously, why not invest in one? your return would be so much more rewardable, other than that sounds like a plan! how many floro watts total?
  3. I have 10k lumens worth of light covering the 24" diameter planter. The room is 36"x 36" x 60" high. When they get to flowering I want to bump it up to about 15K lumens. Total watts right now is 360. Eventually it should be around 500-600 watts.

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