Now shes budding

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HappyTimeToker, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. tell me what you guys think, still only under flouros, aint got the money for a HPS but im working on it, i think shes doin pretty good, dont know if you can see in the pics but she has about 40 budsites


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  2. 1 of the main stems

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  3. the second main stem

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  4. top of the plant view

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  5. the whole thing

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  6. Wow, nice looking lady ya got there! Any idea what strain it is?
  7. mmmm looks good, and all you have is flouros? maybe them lights aint so bad after all. . .how are they now?

    edit: is that a sat/ind cross?
  8. the buds on this are getting big now the one biggest one is prolly about 6-7 inches long lol yea i got 2 flouros on it and i do belive it is a sat/ind mix but im not sure its just bagseed
  9. Can I get floro's at home depot.. What do I ask for if I can? thanks..

  10. Yes you can, you just ask for fluorescent tubings, or compact fluorescents, which ever you want. The people there should be able to help you out.

  11. Fluoro's are very common lightbulbs, used for lighting every fuckin' where... you don't have to go to Home Depot, you can get'em even at fuckin' WalMart...
  12. How many lights do you have and how many watts? With that one plant grow un toped or trained i would put a cfl on each wall dead center of the plant, 4 cfls total, and move the walls in a bit if possible.
  13. this was just an expirement grow my first one, and for my first im pretty stoked about the results, there 2 cfls on now putting out about 4000 lumens, for my next grow im making a real box and hopefully getting a hps

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