Now it's my mom

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bud Head, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. My mom has 2 masses in her lung.. The dr. is doing a biopsy in the morning to see if it cancer.. He said that he will have to do a breathing test to see if she can get by with one lung just in case they have to remove one.. She had x-rays after her By-pass surgery and it didn't show up then..

    There has been one thing after another wrong with her these days.. I can't even think at the moment.. I'll post more tommorrow!
  2. dude that sux man....hope shes ok!!!
  3. Damn, I feel for you m8:/ Karma coming your way.
  4. Thanks every one.. It is all very appreciated..

    It's hard to put on a smile today.. I hope good news will roll around soon!!
  5. thats just shitty dude...really shitty...sorry man
  6. Good luck, man... my mom just went through a course of chemo for breast cancer... not sure if she's in the clear yet or not.

    Hope everything works out for ya. I'm sending all the white light I can muster.

    Ra - the crazy greyhound lady
  7. ahhh dude today is fucked.... man i just found out my great g-ma is in the hospital... she had like a heart attack...
  8. does she smoke weed and cigarettes or just cigarettes? anyways sory to hear it and later tonight ill smoke up a nice 6 month old pile of roaches for ya
  9. Sending ya all the best aussie karma l got my friend.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  10. :: sends karma ::
  11. good karma coming from critter 2 and pompus arse my friend :D.
  12. You and your Mum are in my thoughts BH. Hopefully everything will work out ok for her. Indiana Karma coming your way! :D
  13. You already got my PM but I wanted to be like Critter and send double-karma! It's on it's way with good vibes. I only wish the best for her and I'm sure that everything will be fine, Bud Head! I love ya! :)
  14. Thanks everyone!!!!!!! I haven't talked to her this evening.. I don't even know if she is home yet... I'll let you know when I find out!!!!
  15. Hope it's all ok BH. I had mentioned to someone at a funeral the other day about my feelings on the strange funk - like a cloud over everything. I think we should all have a huge synchronized "smoke/good karma" to the world session. Anyway, love ya bh, take it easy.
  16. Thanks Stonie Jo... I love ya too!

    We won't know anything till monday on her Biopsy... I know she is worried about it...

    I thank all of you for your support.. This is one of the reasons I love all the pr\eple here.. Every one cares for each other!!!!!
  17. ya bro, some serious shit id say. best of luck to you and her, peace
    p.s. if i knew what this karma stuff is i woulda send ya some
    regardless, hope shes alright
  18. I can't begin to say what I want to say.. Life as I know it has been shot out of the water..

    I've tried to reply for ten minutes.. I have written several things and then deleted them all..

    Thanks for all the karma and love my friends.. It may not be enough this time...

    My heart has fallen to my toes.. I still hope that karma and prayers get me through this..

    I love you all here at the city...
  19. I know I'm new and don't post very often, but I wanted to send you my good wishes. I will keep you and your mom in my prayers. You guys are going through such a horrible thing. I hope everything works out well.
  20. Bud Head, I'm not getting a good feeling from your last post, sweetness. :( I'm doubling up on the karma, again, and I'm focusing on sending positive vibes and tons of hope and love to your Mother. I'm here for you when you need me. I'll have everyone I know put her on their prayer lists. I love you, Bud! I have faith that she will be ok.

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