Now I'm pissed.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Devendra, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. I will try to phrase this thread in a more eloquent matter and without cursing.

    I would like my thread reopened, as it was locked without reason, and it addressed a legitamite concern of mine. I would like my concern addressed in an appropriate manner, and I would like it done in a timely fashion.

    Thank you kindly, moderator who locked my thread.

    Yours truly, Devendra.

    P.S, I'm still waiting for that infraction point to be removed.

    P.P.S, I hope this conundrum will not adversely affect my future business transactions with Grasscity.
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    Okay, WOAH, just saw the response made to my thread, post-lockage (pretty lame since I don't have an outlet in which to respond)

    And I must say, your post lacks in any correctness at all.
    My initial post was made in jest. Strictly that, and anyone upon reading it could tell it. There was no name calling, no direspect, it was all a joke.

    If you so choose to respond, kindly moderator, please have the decency to NOT lock this thread and THEN reply so I may respond appropriately. Many thanks.
  3. [​IMG]

    this what you needed???
  4. LOL! I just checked and you didn't even get an infraction. You got a simple warning...worth 0 points. You called someone an idiot. If you want to flaunt some balls, then man or woman up, realise you called someone an idiot and that name-calling doesn't float here and get over it like a big boy or girl. This is ridiculous!!!

    Continue posting new threads and I'll ban you. Period.
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