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  1. wow, slow news day

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V15N_zVsdg&feature=fvw]YouTube - Teens Accused Of Snorting Coke In School[/ame]

  2. Pretty sad but really bullshit....Doing coke in class? TEACHER WTF?! "Drug recognition expert"? WHAT?!?! Psychological and medical training. Wow if that's not bullshit....Plus I see meth all over school.
  3. lmfao ++++rep funniest shit ever makeing such a big deal outa something rofl i remember bust lines out in class not coke tho dillls way smaller
  4. wtf? is it me or does this seem like they are taking it lightly...

    "might be expelled?" wtf

    god forbid someone gets cought with a gram of weed, their expelled and have so many charges.

    yet your snorting lines in the middle of class, and get misdeamenors? thats fucking ridiculous
  5. lol people did this all the time at my school.

    and pretty much every public school.

    but damn ive never seen anything like this covered on a news station it's pathetic.
  6. Well that is a pretty stupid thing to do. I am pretty sure I would never ever snort coke in class.
  7. some snitch kid ran out the class and told the police.

    i hate snitches
  8. So the kids were snorting lines of coke IN class and the teachers didn't notice? I think that teacher should get fired as well.
  9. Lol,yea i still dont understand how this was thyere feature presentation
  10. Whats there to discuss? Some kids wanted to get zooted and like idiots got caught.

    If you really wanna snort coke in school, there's this thing called a "bullet" and this other thing called a "bathroom".. You take the bullet and go to the bathroom and then proceed to snort that shit and nobody knows any better.
  11. bullets fucking rock,and i was fucked up out of my mind when i wrote that,and looking back,thre isnt anything to discuss haha

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