now can you tell what is male and female?

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  1. just regular bag seed, going on 6 weeks now.....

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  2. Does not look to be flowering yet to me.How much sunlight are you getting outside currently?
  3. we are getting about 13 hours daylight per day. 630am-730pm

    i think most of them are getting good sun, some of the others i think are in the shade caused by my fence so i know they arnt getting enough.
  4. Not really. It looks female from the big picture, but it hasn't really sexed as far as I can see. I've been having my friends tell me my plants are all female and I'm like "NO, YOU CANNOT TELL THAT AT 6 WEEKS OLD" :smoke:

    they look promising sir

    EDIT: is that like 20 plants in 12 square feet of space
  5. Yes if the sunlight is at 13-14 hours roughly outdoor for atleast 2 weeks you should see def signs of female(pistils) or male round balls, looks like there is seeds in them. If not then by the 3rd week id say you should notice for sure. But days are getting longer so they might revert back to veg???? i dont know where your located. What was the daylight hours 2-3 weeks ago?
  6. im not sure what it was but daylight is getting longer while the nights are getting shorter............
    so they had less day light then they are getting now
  7. just cover them completely for 2 hours at before sunset with garbage can/bag(You need 11-12 dark period)

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