now bush wants to send all of our guard away.

Discussion in 'General' started by froggy, May 15, 2006.

  1. jeeze this guy is insane.

    our national guard and state guards are for domestic use. ~70% of them are already overseas, now he wants to send the rest of them to protect our borders.

    i wouldnt complain about the border thing if the other 70% wernt over seas. but the fact is that they are, and if we have some natural disasters, like Katrina, we now have no guard left.

    every single time GWBush has headed something, it has done nothing but go downhill. i challange anyone to show me one documented case where bush left as the head of some organization better than when he started. he has absolutely run every one of them into the ground, as he has absolutely done now to the usa. we went from a country that had its flaws but was on the side of decency and goodness, to a country boardering on financial ruin and moral and ethical bankrupt.

    dammit im mad.

    all the states governers should immediately recall all state guards.;_ylt=AkbqzWSwVlEndgL_41WbWfJQuk0A;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl
  2. He shoud makje up for it all be legalizing herb. haha, then it'd be cool man:cool:
  3. i sure hope his gay brother doesnt run for president cuz this country mite be stupid enough to elect him or else we'll suffer again for 4more years
  4. I think right now the Bush approval rate is 29% or something. Everybody hates the damn guy... I think he just knows that and loves pissing people off.
  5. fuck bush, the prez, not the pussy.

    ( ill remove if someone takes offense.)
  6. As more time goes by, I get a stonger and stronger urge to buy up a decent amount of cheap property in the middle of nowhere and put up a giant concrete wall around it. It won't keep out the thought police forever, but it might help.
  7. ^^^lol... im down for that shit.

    our government/world politics are just disgusting all over. I think i would spend a week throwing up if we knew all the truth about the things they do...
  8. The NSA is thriving.

    So is Fox News.

    Let's not forget about the Bush family oil company either, the one which is partially owned by members of the bin laden family.
  9. dont forget CNN
  10. Something occured to me today. The so-called "liberal media" is only helping the conservative cause. All their fear-mongering does nothing more than scare people into accepting NSA wiretaps and the like.
  11. 70% of the guard is not overseas.....
  12. yes Alpha, u are right, the number is around 50%, i was mistaken.

    75% of Wisconsin's guard is in Iraq, i used that # for the whole of the country.

    still, the point is still the same, that a crazyman is sending our boys and girls to war that should be here for the homeland. again, its not that they are sending the guard to the border, is that they sent the 'national guard' to a forign war. its OUR NATIONAL GUARD for pete's sake. Katrina took 7 days to get to b/c our guard was gone.

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