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  1. This is my first post here, so if this is in the wrong section please forgive me.
    My seeds are just reg. bag seeds. I have no idea what they are hopefully all females! no males/hermaphrodites allowed in fort kickass! But I know the chances are slim, but as I said first grow didn't really want to invest more than 100 bucks and materials on hand. If I get some sort of success with these I'll invest in better seeds
    Here are the links to my grow setup:

    As you can see I have an outdoor and indoor. I live in Florida so temperatures barely drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit some nights, but on the out door build I have a 100watt bulb hooked to a timer that will start giving off heat as the sun goes down. In addition to my heat source, I have two 100 watt equiv (I think 23 or 26) CFL 1600 lumens a piece. I know that's not ideal and I plan on adding 1-2 more as the plant grows. The theory behind my outdoor build is supplement natural light with artificial my only concerns is that the seedling's stem is a bit droopy ( I think I over watered it).
    My next group of pictures is my indoor grow; I know it needs work but since these plants are so young they dont really require alot of light or so I read (novice here). I have 100 watt equiv (I think 23 or 26) CFL 1600 lumens (same as outside) 5600k. Also, I have a 100 watt equiv (23 watt) 2700k. Plus the two overhead CFL's that are each 6500k 2600lumen a piece. Also I have a fan on a pretty low setting as its pretty well ventilated in this open type contraption I built...
    Anyway, on to my questions. First what would be a good pot size for the indoors to transplant. I want to do a single transplant and I don't want the plants to grow too much bigger than the scaffolding of PVC I built (about 3.25 feet high or so). all my plants are on a 24/0 cycle right now, and I want to put them to 12/12 ASAP. So what would be a good size or time estimate (based upon their current height) to start that. I read the average is about 4 weeks. Also, I want to go buy a shit load of space blankets and cut 'em up and tape them around the PVC to provide a more light proof setting, but I don't know if this is ideal since the indoor build is setup in a semi-sun room that gets a few hours of fairly good sun a day. Would the trade off be worth?
    The peat cups the seedlings are in now just have organic soil with hardly no additives *didn't want to blast my babies with nutes. too early. Planning on ordering some Foxfarms ocean  fert. eventually after a couple weeks when I'm closer to transplanting these to their final resting place ( I read it's good to only transplant one time unless you know what you're doing, and I obliviously don't , so I'm going to just put the peat cups directly into my next grow bucket.
    Also, anything you guys notice that would help me would be awesome! any tips suggestions ideas are all welcome.

  2. Bump: is it a good idea to let my plants have a little natural light outside if its nice out? it's about 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside or would the shock be too much for them? Even if I shield the direct light with glass or plastic? My worry is that they wont respond as well to the artificial light or the shock will just stunt the growth making the increased light not worth it

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