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  1. Hello GC! I am a new member as well as a beginner grower but by no means a newbie smoker. Where I live in Minnesota, we divide our cannabis into 4 categories: regs (soapbar, extremely seedy, low quality) mids (just a little better, an ounce for 120$) B.C.s which look kinda like good bud, but with more hairs and a less potent smell. (for all you canadians, this is by no means a slur on British Canadian bud, simply a coincidence. It smokes not as well, you don't get that feeling with good chronic that it is a bit hard to keep in, it's more of a subtle marijuana taste, bland, lacking the character of high quality sensimilla. The ounces run anywhere from 200$-300$.) I have heard people refer to "B.C.s" as "Beasters." finally we have high quality sensimilla, which you can feel a great high from just 2 hits(I have been smoking everyday for 4 years, this does not reflect a low tolerance). Because of where I live, most of the high quality buds around here are indoor grown indica strains, usually thick, dense buds ( several times I purchased an eigth that was a single bud, yes, it weighed out) usually it has a nice piney or distinctive pungent marijuana smell.
    Many dealers in my area will claim their bud is from California and sell it at a higher price. While I am not doubting that California puts out more high quality bud than any other other state in the U.S., I am sick of people assuming bud is high quality just because it came from California. The only time I was sure the buds I were smoking were from California, the high was nothing special.

    So my question is, does the quality of marijuana depend mostly on the genetics of the plant, or does it depend on the way it's grown? My feeling currently is that it mostly depends on how it's grown. In the genetic and growing process, what's sets high quality chronic apart from "B.C.s"? I don't want to invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars into growing bud to discover that they are "just B.C.s"... Sorry for the long post but I am only 19 and I would love some feedback from the experts. Thank you!
  2. Very nice first post Great well described Questions will get you great answers
    Welcome To GC

    As for my answer I have seen Bag seed regs turn out a great product that didn't remotely resemble the regs it came from.

    That being said genetics have somthing to do with it, but proper nutrients lighting and care can also bring stellar results
  3. honestly if you growing with bag seed then you can grow some of the best weed you have ever smoked. it really dosnt matter how good the bud you smoked to get the seeds was it is all about how you grow it.

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