Nova Scotia, Canada

Discussion in 'General' started by Sampson101, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Hey, who here's from Nova Scotia or close, and another question whats the best way to get some seeds?m
  2. I'm from N.S. what part you from?
  3. Halifax, you?
  4. The Valley
  5. Oh yeah. do you know of a way to get some seeds down here?
  6. Man honestly couldnt tell ya... just go to different shops maybe... or order online. You got any hookups in the city there? Lookin for a pretty sweet one if I can
  7. I'm from NS aswell. We just hang on to the good seeds that come from buds. My friend has about 20 of them now that he's going to plant.

  8. I got some hookups haha my buddy's got a bunch of purple haze right now its fucked
  9. yee halifax baby! smoke dope
  10. Haha nice... the valley weed is good, but man some haze would be nice
  11. im from Truro yeah ask your hookup if he can get you seeds.
  12. No clue man... who are you?
  13. I've been to Halifax and smoked some bomb hydro, and drank keiths all night at a rad bar. NS has some uplifting live entertainment
  14. my bad i thought you were a guy i went to jr high and highscool wwith
  15. lol where you from?
  16. Halifax is a bomb city. I noticed that the majority of people just don't give a fuck about smoking in public. People are too lazy, or just don't care enough to call the cops about kids smoking pot.

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