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    Now that the conversion seems to be complete, I was wondering if it was possible to fix some issues with the notification system. Currently, if you have it set to automatically follow threads you post in and notify you of replies in followed threads, you get a notification for EVERY SINGLE post in EVERY SINGLE thread. :unsure:  Plus, you don't get any notification for mentions or quotes in those threads, entirely defeating the purpose of the notification system. :confused_2:  Is there a way to fix this or make it so you still at least get quote notification for threads you follow even if you opt out of notifications for replies? Ideally, there should be a SINGLE notification for every thread followed that has replies, with that notification being bumped with each new reply, then notifications for every post in which one of you posts is quoted, notifications for posts another user has liked, and notifications for every post you're mentioned in. ;)  I don't know if it's possible to change this, but I'm finding the notification system useless and extremely annoying when I leave GC for more than an hour. :(  I end up coming back to 500+ notifications all for the same dozen threads and I still don't know which posts of mine were replied to or if anyone mentioned me, which I thought was the whole point of the notification system.  :poke: 

  2. I have mine set to not notify me of new replies, I just use Subscribed Threads to see those. But I still get notifications for quotes. No mention notifications yet, but gnik said he would check out the issue with that. 
    If you only want to be notified when there's new replies to a thread period, why not turn off the notifications for replies and just check your Subscribed Threads? :p
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    I thought of that, but it seemed like I still wasn't receiving notifications for quotes or mentions, so I turned reply notifications back on.  :confused_2: Now that I'm aware mention notifications aren't working, I wonder if quote notifications were just down for a while to, but it says they're only for if you're not already following a thread, so I thought I'd have to unfollow all of my threads for it to work, which would be ridiculous.  :confused:
    I'm automatically following every thread I reply to, and quote notifications seem to be working in all of them for me.  :bongin:
    If it said it's only for threads you're not following, then I think it lied.  :smoke:
  5. I am correctly getting all my notifications expect Mentions.
    If you are not active on a browser page , that page stops checking notifications with ajax. Only active browsers retrieves notifications with ajax.
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    I decided to just go back to using the Subbed Threads page and not receiving notifications for replies. I am, however, not receiving any notifications for quotes either now. 
    Strange will check that also , i suspect mentions is laying with the system. Need to identify the bug on mentions within weekend.

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