Noticed Fungus on top of soil,but it's my roots really thriving in the organic soil.

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by xDisciplex, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Just noticed what I thought was fungi on top of my soil.After looking closer I realized it's roots.

    I've never seen my roots thrive like this.They are so white,and fuzzy I thought for sure fungus.

    It's not where I watered,and the soil dropped showing roots.They are just growing right up,and out of the top of the soil.Never seen this before.

    Now It sounds like its root bound,and It will be soon if I dont x-plant,but its they arent bound yet.

    Just wanted to see if this is normal hah....
  2. I'd say that you are doing something right! Sounds like a healthy plant to me.


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