Noticed bud rot, harvested immediately, need advice..

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by saibot90, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. I saw 1 cola with what looked like bud rot (white fuzzy web-like surface), got real scared and sprayed isopropyl in the affected area. It was a WW 1.5 weeks away from being harvested. I decided to cut it down immediately instead, before it spreads & make things worse.

    Right now I'm hang-drying it & trying to keep the RH down (still sitting at 61% or so). Too high for my liking, thinking to wet trim it as soon as [possible in case I spot more moldy areas. Is this good so far? Any advice? Thx
  2. any pics would help but just keep a real close eye on all your buds you made a mistake in spraying anything on to buds 1.5 weeks left that can get you bud rot alone buds shouldnt be sprayed with anything so close to harvest have you thrown the affected bud.
  3. I woulda dug it out fixed environment and watched carefully the rest of the grow. But don’t forget the smoke report and pics of buds after cure. Congrats
  4. High humidity can cause bud rot.

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