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  1. Slavko Mahne Shyama

    All you, who read this message, write these words: MONEY WELFARE for thirteen days 120 times a day.
    After you finish the writing of these first words, wait for three days and then write the words: LOVE for thirteen days 120 times a day.

    Those who participate in our weekly programs, write the words which are defined at the program.

    Explanation: In the transition of the millennium we have reached the emptiness of the space without any programmed contents of characteristics of life. The past time was being built for 27,000 years. In this past period, most of the time trade of goods without any monetary contents was taking place.
    Trade of goods functions on the level of the second chakra, money on the level of the fifth chakra. The fifth chakra functions as an abstract notion of communication that demands higher degree of self-control. It is necessary to overcome basic instincts and material illusions and so ascend to the higher level of subtle-real mastering of one's life.

    Energies and contents of 27,000 years of past of human civilizations are pouring into the empty space of present time. Most of these past energies are formless and pour into the present time on the level of the first chakra of the matter. It could be therefore defined that this is a raw material with no forms or contents; it is necessary to create a flexible state of life, characteristics of life and virtues of life, out of this raw material.
    Until now, the 14th of November 2011, 70% of past energies have passed; only 5% however are suitably refined.

    In every nation there is a collective spirit, which is refined by individuals with their actions. Equally, there is a collective spirit of the European continent and a collective spirit of the entire human kind. When collective spirit is appropriately refined, it acts on every individual in return.

    It is necessary that 33% of all the people act humanely, nobly and responsibly, in order to refine the collective spirit suitably.

    Slavko Mahne Shyama

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