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Nothing will change until we recognize the predators in our midst - Psychopaths

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Troy McLure, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. source:
    Twilight and the trick of the psychopaths « Under The Radar Media

  2. So you're saying the world is fucked up because it's run by psychopaths? That is probably the most errantly naive view of the grievances of the modern man that I think I've ever heard.
  3. Psychopaths learn to recognize each other in a crowd as early as childhood, and they develop an awareness of the existence of other individuals similar to themselves. They also become conscious of being of a different world from the majority of other people surrounding them. They view us from a certain distance.
    Think about the ramifications of this statement: Psychopaths are, to some extent, self-aware as a group even in childhood! Recognizing their fundamental difference from the rest of humanity, their allegiance would be to others of their kind, that is, to other psychopaths.
    Their own twisted sense of honor compels them to cheat and revile non-psychopaths and their values. In contradiction to the ideals of normal people, psychopaths feel breaking promises and agreements is normal behavior.

    Worst comic book villains ever.
  4. Once you are capable of identifying and observing [​IMG]sociopaths (thought this link was more insightful) in your every day interactions, you will acknowledge the large impact that sociopaths have in our lives and history

    Whatever you want to call it: sociopathy, psychopathy, anti-social personality disorder, or extreme narcissism, this 2% of the population has brought us such gems as Bernie Madoff, Ted Bundy, and Stalin. The main goal for these people is to get to the top. Their entire goal in life is to dominate all of those around them and they generally tend to be successful in conning their victims.

    Not having a conscience + lust for power = bad people getting into influential positions

    Read the description of a sociopath in the links in this thread, It is very likely you have encountered many of these throughout your life whether you have noticed it or not.
  5. LOL.
    Sexist. :D
  6. more naive than the 'incompetence' excuse? more naive than 'it's human nature'? more naive than 'god works in mysterious ways'?

    the "psychopath explanation" is based on well-founded mainstream science.
    it is scientifically observable.

    IIRC only 1 in 10 psychopaths is female... ;)
  7. No one is saying there isn't psycopaths, but as I asserted, it's errantly irresponsible explanation of why our world is screwed up. There's a much better (By better I mean well-founded with research, facts, and empirical evidence) philosophy of why our world (More specifically, our Government(s)) are screwed up. It has to do with the proliferation of 'progressive' ideals, when history and logic rightly confirm that economic and personal freedom are what keeps individuals free from some of the plights you listed above.

    This crazy philosophy I subscribe to is called libertianism, perhaps you should read up a bit on it. Check out books by Ayn Rand. It sounds to me like you're more interested in philosophy than you are civil issues, so starting with the philosophy end of libertarianism would probably be best. I don't believe everyone in our Government is incompetent, I just think they want the best for their country, the unfortunate thing is, they're sorely misguided. The philosophy I subscribe to points out that modern day demagogues and moral busibodies are inherently flawed in their altruistic thinking--the best way to help people is to let them be free citizens, free as long as they don't harm anyone else.

    But concerning what you've espoused in this thread, and what was contained in the link you posted, it was borderline conspiracy theory, and 100% pure, unadulterated non-sense. I read about, 25 minutes into it, and I couldn't stomach it anymore. The author of that cacophany of words was imaging issues, and expanding upon them, almost as if he were on psychadelics. That type of logic passes in children's literature perhaps, where magical faeries can rid you of your responsibilities as a human being and allow you to fly around and be a kid for the rest of your life. Meanwhile, on planet earth...
  8. so despite example after example to the contrary you still think government wants the best for us? sorry but i can't buy that.

    @free citizens: sure, that sounds nice, i would love that.
    but in which country at which time has this utopic situation ever occurred?

    i suggest you read some of Dr. Hare's work (he is one of THE authorities on psychopathy)
    especially snakes in suits - which applies understanding of psychopathy to the business world.

    ideologies like the one you favor are all fine and good, but unfortunately they will ALWAYS be subverted and hijacked by psychopaths for their own goals unless there is widespread awareness of these predators and their modus operandi.
  9. You missed my point entirely. My point was that, everything Government does, is an act of inherent benevolence, they're serving their citizens, but they don't realize that Government has an almost immutable penchant for poorly allocating resources, dictating damaging social policy, and regulating and taxing us into oblivion. The best thing is for there to be limited (Small) Government, and we will be freer citizens.

    Do you honestly think that Obama, his entire advisory staff, the two Houses of Congress, and their advisory staffs, the hundreds of thousands of people that work in the various departments, committees, commissions, boards, panels, etc. are ALL psychopaths?

    I'm sorry, but if you honestly believe that, you're a lunatic.

  10. no, that is insane and completely unnecessary.

    if you'd read the article, you'd know that only a very small percentage are actually psychopaths - the rest are normal people being manipulated to do their bidding.

    just combine the idea of psychopathic individuals in power with the knowledge learned from the extremely important Milgram Experiment - THAT's how a few percent of pathological deviants have the whole planet in their grip.
    Milgram experiment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    this is a complex subject and can not be understood without actually doing some reading on it. (which is exactly why the psychopaths still roam free and do as they please)
  11. I agree with Troy

    No, not all members of the government and corporate elite are psychopaths, but what the job entails and the road to being in that position is right up the alley for a sociopath. As I said earlier, if you have ever been well acquainted with a sociopath (as in family member, close "friend", boss, "significant other") you would understand the effect that these type of people can have over others, often times coming out as the "dominant" individuals in practically every decently sized group (regardless of the intention of the group).

    They tend to have higher than average intelligence, superficial charm, authoritarian personality, extreme hunger for power and domination, and willingness to break any rule and cause any amount of harm to reach their goals of total domination.

    You couldn't see how it would be possible for these types of people to get to the top?

    This has nothing to do with the proper role of government in our society, or the inherent incompetence of government (BTW, Rand claimed herself as an Objectivist not a libertarian) this has to do with the evil that some people possess, and their ability to use that evil to gain influential positions in the world. Regardless of what type of political or economic system we have, sociopaths would not disappear. Even if there was a major shift to the type of government you would like to have (I subscribe to that thought myself) you can bet that there would be plenty of psychopaths trying to their damnedest to hijack the movement for their own selfish goals (this tends to happen with pretty much every major movement)
  12. How do you define such mental conditions? What thought process is necessary for someone to be a "sociopath" or "psychopath". What constitutes being crazy?

    People who seek power I often times claim are crazy. The desire for control over other people is a mental condition.
  13. You may find this interesting:

    Lovefraud.com > Key symptoms of a sociopath (psychopath, con artist)
  14. It is said that a reasonable man, will change their ideals, to fit in with their society.

    And an unreasonable man, will try to change society, to fit in with their ideals.

    Therefore, all social progress, is the product of unreasonable people.

    I concur.
  15. Replace the word "Psychopath" in TC's post with "Jew" and you'll see something strait out of...nvm, I'm not going to be the one to evoke Godwin's law in this thread.

    It's a common trait among people to blame the problems of society on outsiders. 100 years ago there was plenty of scientific proof that black people were less intelligent or that Jews were inherently greedy.

    I'm not saying there are no psychopaths, but the notion of a global psychopath conspiracy, or the suggestion that anyone who's ever been in power and done something bad is a psychopath is laughable. Like Bernie Madoff, how do you know he was a psychopath? Maybe he was just greedy.
  16. [quote name='Kylesa']No one is saying there isn't psycopaths, but as I asserted, it's errantly irresponsible explanation of why our world is screwed up. There's a much better (By better I mean well-founded with research, facts, and empirical evidence) philosophy of why our world (More specifically, our Government(s)) are screwed up. It has to do with the proliferation of 'progressive' ideals, when history and logic rightly confirm that economic and personal freedom are what keeps individuals free from some of the plights you listed above.

    This has been well-founded with research, facts and the empirical evidence points to the fact this is a genetic disorder.
  17. There is very little, if anything, well-founded in the fields of biology, medicine, and most of all mental disorders.
  18. The ruling bloodlines are psychopaths, the Darwins and the wedgewoods were too, is it too much inbreeding? You only need to read The Next Million Years, to figure that out. These people are about control, eugenics, special breeds for certain jobs, they are CRAZY! One thing is certain the very few who rule the world are pshycopaths and control freeks playing God wit humanity, and they groom presidents and dictators to do their bidding.

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