Nothing to ruin a high like a wreck.

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Got 5, left to put in gas, didn't stop in time and hit his fender. No clue how much it's going to cost. Hist fender (plastic) is slightly popped out and my car hast two slits. Completely minimal damage. I just dont want a taise in insurance. Thank god there was no
    police report or they probably would have searched me. Worst part it was in my moms car while she was at dinner. Worst is over and everyone remained cool but whats my ensurace going to look like
  2. You off them pills and shit?

    Shouldnt be driving homeboy.
  3. I took a nap and sobered up. This was the epitome of an accident. Now I'm fucked up cause I need to get this shit off my mind but during the time it was pure rule of the rode. Thank god it wasn't worse. I didn't even realize it happened until after it happened.

  4. most people dont, were only human..... haha
  5. i did the same thing mate it sux!!!
  6. He never once stated in his post that he was popping pills,you should'nt assume someone is doing A or B till you get the facts straight.

    And to the Op,it's just a Fender dude,chillax and smoke another bowl and or blunt.It should'nt cost no more than 300,and that's coming from a non-driver.....
  7. fenders are pretty cheap,,, allthough if it's turned into the insurance for a claim,,,, then yes your premium is going to go up.

    just be glad the dude wasnt standing there,,, and you pinned him,,

    be more careful dude,,, i ride a motorcycle, what if youd done that to me at a red light ?

    when driving you got to be 100% alert.... all the way down to the smallest thing,,, as pulling in a gas station.

    good luck,,, and maybe this small infraction,,,, will teach you a greater lesson, than you realize,,,, most people drive crazy, until they have a hell of a wreck,,,, then they drive a little wiser,( if they live thru the first one )

    thats what i mean by learning from this experience.;)
  8. go to a J yard and get a fender for under 100 bucks bro and paint it
  9. Get the fuck outta here.

    Dude copped a buncha soma's the day before this happened and had a bunch left, We been talkin and shit so aient like i jus pulled that out of thin air.
  10. blow it off,,, dude dont realize ,,,, that some of us '' know'' each other on here,,,, ive been flamed for past knowledge,,,

    and couldnt even believe the blade actually remembered stuff, id posted months earlier.......;)
  11. Nevermind.....I can't even drive high,so I would never think about taking painkillers and going behind the wheel.

    Responsibility and Common sense are two very best freinds......
  12. wow how cant you stop before hitting a guy from behind at a gas station... dude wtf? im not trying to criticize but thats just stupid.. dont get offended just being real with you.. gl tho on the insurance
  13. I wasn't impaired and It was at the light on my way to the gas station. Simply bad judgment and poor brakes.
  14. Good to hear.

    People shouldnt ever drive under the influence of something they cant handle.
  15. Talk about a buzz kill. Sucks dude.
  16. luckily i learned my driving under the influence,,, on a bicycle,,,

    i was tore down on some licquor,,,, and wiped out and busted my ass real good,,,,, and i was like 31 yrs. old when this happened,,,,

    but that taught me my lesson,,,, if i couldnt control that bicycle,,,,, theres no wat i could manage a 2,000 lb. vehicle,
  17. Damn bro, it sucks. I had it happen to me, Only I was the one who was it. The guy bugged out, And begged me not to make an insurance claim. He basically paid for the bumper out of his pocket, and everything was okay. Hope that guy will do the same for you, Having your insurance go up for something so little blows. And in NJ, They're fucking ridiculous. Any moving violation comes with a $250 surcharge.

    I got a reckless, I got knocked down to an unsafe. $80 or somethin for the ticket, and $250 surcharge. I wound up paying $389.11 for something minor.
  18. $500 dollars for his damages then god knows how much my insurance will go up. Going to get my damages estimated in a couple days.

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