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Discussion in 'General' started by G13, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. I posted here earlier in the week but after a LOT more thinking I've figured out what my problem is - I've got nothing to live for. Back in high school even if I didn't have anything going on that day it was living for the weekend, living for a get together where I could hang out with my friends, smoke and talk about everything, the week, the world, life.. everything. Now I wake up in an empty dorm room, no family within 100 miles and no friends. Everyone's gone, my parents are fighting back home while my little brothers and sister have to go through it without a shoulder to lean on. It seems like the "further in life" I go the further away from life I feel. I don't even really know what responses to expect, I'm not posting for help so much as I'm just venting, typing it all out and I happen to be here.

    If anyone's in the same or similar position PLEASE.. how did you persevere? What got you through the day? I've lost my family, my friends, my real true loves in life and for all intensive purposes - myself. Who are you but those that you affect, goes the saying. Well I've got NOTHING but drunk and wild frat boys all over the place and not a single reason to wake up anymore. I don't drink, I'm not a crazy asshole like the vast majority of my campus and I don't like abusing women in my free time. I'll quit rambling, but.. anyone else feeling me? Or am I alone in yet another aspect of life?
  2. i know its easier said then done but why not meet some new people in your college, try to hang out with others with same interests (toking !) and go from there
  3. I know a kid who had the same problem, he dropped out of school and went to the local community college and lived at home.

    Although I strongly don't advocate quitting school, that is what he did.

    Personally, I wake up each day knowing that its ONE MORE DAY that I am alive. Life is precious and fragile, although there will be periods in everyones life when they feel like it isn't worth it. There is always the FUTURE. my future is what keeps me going. If this was one of those drug commercials, I would say that my future was my anti drug. But, because I am responsible, drugs don't hinder my life. :p

    So seriously, try to make friends at your school, how long have you been there so far?

    I'd like to talk with you about this.

  4. Live for your future. Live for your studies in school. Look forward to each day of class as a chance to learn something and in turn better yourself and the rest of humanity. Life is prespective. You can take a negative from something, or you can make it a positive. Allow the things that make you grow and learn to become your reason for being. I am not advocating being a work-aholic, but improving oneself and looking out for the rest of humanity is really the only purpose we can find in this life that is worth anything.
  5. never say youve lost your fam ily they are always there for you ... you lost them. remember that. call your parents up once a week and update on the bs then you got family.

    friends you just need to make em. i go to college its my first semester and im dormin but i already know over 20 people( that i chill with) its just about being open true to yourself and ready for anything. so what if someone asks you to join em on a boring task join em they could be your new friend. its corny but GET INVOLVED

    as for your siblings call them up too. if shit at home is really fuckn with em nows the time to bring it up.

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