nothing is real

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  1. I wish that I could dream. Dreams turn to darkness.
    Nothing is real.
    The entire world is just a fantasy.
    A planned out journey brought on by our own minds.
    If I could lead the way then we would be free;
    Free from this gate holding our thoughts back.
    To dream freely and truly understand all that is real is my goal.
    Enlightened by imagination and ideas spark everywhere;
    Constant flow of free expression and thoughts,
    True creativity shines brightly.
    To experience this feeling is life-changing.
    I want this feeling to last forever.
    Time goes in slow motion.
    The world is moving at a standstill.
    I feel no weight and float higher.
    I never want to come back down.
    This overwhelming feeling is indescribable.
    An open mind leads the way,
    To dream a whole new world;
    And imagination will say how it can be done,
    To achieve this feeling and satisfy the mind.
    But it wont last.
    Nothing is real.
    Dreams are but imagination before darkness.
    The fantasy dies until a new one is born.
    Until then, nothing is real.

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