nothing can beat the gtr

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  1. Lets face it the nissan gtr is the ulitmant super car no other production car can beat it .they kill veyrons an ferraris just for fun on the track as well for half the price
  2. some cars are only faster if you have like 5 miles of straight flat runway. from what ive read so far in automotive news, only two cars are faster around the 'Ring than the GTR and thats the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918. and La Ferrari hasnt even been put on the 'Ring yet...
  3. Considering the P1 costs over a mil and the Porsche is 900K, the GTR is pretty amazing being under 100K... You know that ferrari will have quite the price tag as well
  4. i'd beg to differ. cts-v's can destroy a gtr on a straight away. they don't need as much tuning to produce a gargantuan amount of power
  5. CTS-V's weigh aprox 1000 pounds more than a GTR  4700 lbs to 3800 lbs respectively. its the technology thats in the GTR that makes it amazing. the most sophisticated 4 wheel drive system on the road, the cleanroom, handmade twin turbo V6. the ability to pull G's that a CTS V could never do without extensive chassis and suspension modification.
  6. Ya the GTR is more advanced than a CTS-V. Put those cars against each other with the same performance and the GTR has it beat.
  7. check out ams gtrs an alpha 12s.
  9. Bring your cts-V ON
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    McLaren P1 is where its at these days, GTR is still an amazing machine for the money though.But if you're talking proper supercar just no.
  12. McLaren P1 is a whole different level of engineering. It is a hypercar. I would love to see a GTR vs a P1. Maybe on DragTimesInfo one day.
  13. i was more speaking on the basis that you can have a cheaper cts-v build that will beat most gtr's on the road. i guess that's just an economical point of view though. wasn't trying to take it to the extremes like that 
  14. Hypercar, forgot thats what they're calling them these days. Had to make a whole to class of street car with the amount of engineering involved, not to mention the price tag
  15. Beat it in.....what? There are plenty of cars that would cost way less that would stomp it in a straight line.
  16. such as??
  17. both will be nice or you could have a alpha gtr that beats them all for cheaper price.the veyrons found out quick they are no competition for the gtrs .
  18. [quote name="Tree Burner" post="19390920" timestamp="1390469364"]Beat it in.....what? There are plenty of cars that would cost way less that would stomp it in a straight line.[/quote] I'm real curious as to which ones?
  19. Cummins costs way less than the gtr
  20. he will probly say vette zr1 but mod for mod the gtr has beat the zr1 as well . The only cars that will beat a gtr is a ugr raceing lambos an gt40s they are pushing 1500hp t0 they still have a hard time beating the gtrs .

    There is a reson why they call it the super car killer .

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