Nothin beats the feelin

Discussion in 'General' started by Joey24x18, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. of sittin in ur friends boat smokin blunts at 3am on lake Hartwell. So where's the best spot u and ur friends can just chill at and smoke.
  2. I can see why you have red rep
  3. Never been high on a boat. I don't suffer from sea-sickness or anything but does it make you queasy at all?
  4. i smoke everywhere. its the best spot to chill.

  5. Lol. +Rep.

    wackest thread ever. so many better places.
  6. maybe not for the op...

    i myself know of this little tiny park thats secluded so no one knows about it. me and my friend go there and sit on this bench, smoking, staring right into the ocean. mad chill
  7. nothin beats the feelin....

    off chewing up 120mg of Oxy & smokin bangin kush in Southern Cali.
  8. Nothing beats the feelin........

    of sex.

  9. except of being high.

    or both...:D
  10. oh my favorite would have to be in my house, no one to bother me just chilling with my bro n cat:smoking:

  11. Pretty much sums up my days for the past week until Friday. I'm in Tahoe... Northern Cali, but the buds still ACE.
  12. Really? I think heroin beats that feeling by quite a bit.

    Googled lake hartwell, I see it's on the border of two of the harshest anti-marijuana states in the nation. lol. I would be too paranoid smoking in a boat on that water son. That smells carries for MILES on the open water.

  13. uhh not at all. oxy is pretty much clean heroin.
  14. I wanna smoke in a basement in a circle. like on That 70's show :)
  15. [ame=]YouTube - I'm On A Boat (ft. T-Pain) - Album Version[/ame]

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