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nothern lights or white widow

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kevinmc00, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Gona pick up a half O next week. What do you guys prefer
  2. I heard some good things about Northern Lights but I would go white widow its more potent
  3. I'd take white widow. It's my personal favorite strain.
  4. havent really treid white....but if u love a real good high and have a good time laughing a lot like i did...go with northern..
  5. ive had NL, nvr had the widow, so i would say northern lights
  6. the widow is helllla potent but like ive heard a lot of good things about northern its a great high....i still say white widow is always great
  7. White Widow for sure. It's one of the best strains i've ever had.

  8. Northern lights no questions asked. It's an awesome high that white widow doesn't compare to. Dont get me wrong white widow is good but I think its overated. Northern lights and trainwreck are probably my favorite strains.
  9. I say go with the Northern Lights, they are defently one of my top 5 faviort strains, I love the high they produce.

    White widows really good but I think NL taste better and gives a better high personally :smoke:
  10. northen lights gives a great high but white widow is stronger
  11. Northen Lights... :bongin:
  12. I'd pick 1/4 of each. :)
  13. thats the diplomatic answer...i like it. :D
  14. ^^ yea, thats what id do. then u can see what both are like, and for the next time know which to get, or get both again if u like both. buying both lets u mix them too, sometimes great tastes and highs come from that. i had some NL that i mixed with Shishkaberry, super head high for hours, and tastes like berry.

    on another note, i have some NL right now, and its fuckin amazing.
  15. I like NL, me and 2 buddys split a 20 bag and smoked it, by the 3rd bowl my stomach hurt from laughiing, amazing.

    I cant speak for WW though
  16. White Widow is good Ive never had Northern Lights but heard its good. i dont want to buy any White Widow around here b/c I got some while i was in Aruba and it is so different there
  17. I like the up high of NL but I'd go with WW for potency. I've experienced consistent quality with WW, but I've had NL ranging from what I'd call run-of-mill headies with that NL spice to WW caliber in potency, and incredibly uplifting.
  18. White Widow is my favorite strain Ive every smoked, one time I kinda started freaking out after a few Grav bong hits.
  19. Me too, man. I love WW.
  20. Well... how about we look at the "truth" as opposed to complete strangers stoned opinions.

    White Widow - Famously Potent Indica... Considered rare.

    Northern Lights - Very Potent Sativa... Although not necessarily rare, not your everyday dank.

    One is not better than the other because they produce completely different highs/stones... If you just want to be vegetabilized and couch-locked for hours upon end... WW is your strain. If you just want to cruise around with friends and laugh your ass off and have a crazy head high... NL is your strain.

    I'm assuming you can't get a quad of each... if you can I'd advise you grind it and mix it up into a joint 50/50 and you'll get the best of both worlds :)

    Have fun... and don't forget pictures!

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