Note To a Philosopher

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by PoeticTruth, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. We as philosophers are lost in our search for the truth. We question every concept we encounter and faithfully strive to validate each argument objectively. We challenge the forces of rhetoric in a world full of stereotypical conformists. We honorably press on through the muck and thrust forward into oblivion, hoping to bring out bits of knowledge so that we can piece together a puzzle of an unknown size. We gather all the knowledge we possibly can over an entire life time, only to ultimately discover the more we come to know the more we realize what we don't know. We find ourselves in an infinite paradox. Do we not?

    If one were to obtain a grand understanding, if all that is and ever was becomes known to one…then that one would still not know what it's like not to know.

    …But in the chaos of it all, there is still an irresistible force pulling us, stimulating our natural curiosity and driving us towards its mystery. In the world around us there lies an infinite collection of knowledge that is there for those who wish to seek it. We are the ones that are intrigued by it and we relentlessly venture into the unknown and the forgotten to pursue it.

    We are the Explorers of wisdom, the Knights of knowledge, and the Collectors of truth.

    Be vigilant when you ford the muck and may whatever bits you pull out of oblivion lead you to the good life.

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