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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by RobRoyy, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I know there is a mflb thread but I think this would get overlooked in it. Just wanted to let ppl know about my only problem with this vape. Most ppl know it runs on chargable batteries , but be aware they take six hours to charge and each battery is only good for one "bowl' .

    Just wanted to let ppl know, as I thought before I got mine that the batteries lasted much longer
  2. wtf charge for 6 hours and you can only smoke one bowl? is that even enough to get high once lol
  3. How long the batteries take to charge depends on the charger you are using.
    And I have always vaped two trenches with each charge of my batteries.
    I would not have been happy if I tried to just use the two stock batteries all the time, though. I got some powerex 2700's and have had no problems; staying high and recharging batteries is not that hard, really.
  4. I can charge all 4 of mine in 2 hours lol.... charger upgrade time
  5. I have powerex 2700s and two batteries lasted me multiple trenches throughout the entire weekend. And they only take 4 hours to charge just like the manual listed.
  6. You can buy faster chargers and better batteries...

    Still, stock batteries and stock charger with me last a trench and charge in an hour. Te 2700s I bought for $12 last even longer.
  7. 6 hours?! Yikes. Mine have never taken anywhere close to that even when they are fully dead and I too use the Powerex 2700's. I get about 3-4 trenches with one of those.
  8. yea i got my mflb 3 months ago... takes about 15-20 minutes a battery lol

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