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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by keepitwolf, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. or maybe it is? who knows! i dont! thats why im asking the question! lol

    lately ive been getting seedy weed, aka bag seed and my question is how do you know which seed is the RIGHT seed? how do you tell which seed is dead-which isnt. some are brown. some are white. some are brown with what looks like black veins. im just confused by the whole thing.

    if i grow with this bag seed what are my chances of success? obviously this is my first grow and im experimenting with the whole process.

    thanks in advance
  2. seeds start out small and white and as they mature they turn grey, often get dark "tiger stripes" on them, then as the plant nears the end of it's life the seeds start to turn black. if they are cracked and dry the plant is already dead inside. if the seed is white or pale green it never made it to maturity where it could germinate and grow into a plant.

    i think people report success germinating seeds anywhere from the gray to black range. personally i've had the best success with the tiger striped ones.
  3. red chord?

  4. dreaming in dog years?
  5. I'm not too familiar with seeds. I've only grown one so far. I have read where folks sprinkle them on a glass of water and the sinkers are chosen to germinate.

    That's just hearsay though.
  6. yes the darker ones, & ones w/ stripes or spots are the best, but put them in a cupo of water for 24hrs, the ones that sink have a better germ rate, the floating ones are bad

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