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    So, i just got out of surgury. Still kicking, despite all odds!

    Hardass doc, wouldn't give me anything nice for perscription. But I enjoyed plenty of morphine (2mg nearly hourly) and a nice shot of dilaudid. First time on Diddy. And I was diddy-damn-dozed. On the pain-meter, I was an 8-9, literally going into shock. After that, I was a 2. Fuckin' happy. Wish I could get >that< outside of the hospital.

    So now i'm at home and recovered amazingly fast. I feel pretty much no pain anymore after the surgury if I take the reccomended dose, and still have 29 pills left. Pain doesn't come back for about 6-10 hours. I can mostly function during this time without aid, aside from being dizzy.
    They're Lortab (Hydrocodone 5, Acetametophan 500). Take 1-2 every 4 hours as needed.

    How many would be safe to take at a time? I've only ever taken them as perscribed. They just seem to make me dizzy at these doses and only help pain mildly.

    Also, once these run out the doc will be giving me a permanent prescription to take as needed, limit of 30/mo. He said they'd be really low dose, but my choices are apparently going to be either vicoden, celecoxib, or refecoxib. These are for ongoing back problems.
    What would be my best bet? I want something enjoyable and will do the job. If I can't be pain free, i'd prefer to be happy. So which'll get the best overall happyness?

    (Overall, I just wish they'd prescribe me medical marijuana already. I have glaucoma, a damaged back, chron's disease, just had gall stone surgery, carpal tunnel, and recently broke my left hand. I think I deserve it by now!)

    Also, unrelated, anyone wanna chat who lives in/around southern Iowa? Sioux City, Remsen, Le Mars, Kingsley, Sargeant Bluff, Moville, Hinton, or the area?
    [Sorry, not sharing my pills. I actually really need these, as you can see. I'm just looking for someone with similar interests to hang out with and chill.]
  2. just eat em till you feel good
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    Maybe I missed it.

    What happened?

    Anyway, start off with 20mg
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    I came down with a near-fatal case of gallstones, and kidney stones simultaneously.
    9 kidney stones, removed
    29 gallstones, removed, with gall bladder
    3 stones in the common bile duct, removed

    No liver damage, though it would have if i'd have given it a day or two more. Thankfully (in a sense) the pain was excruciating enough to tip me off that it was not okay.

    Anyway. 20mg Hydrocodone and 2000mg tylenol. This is still safe?

    T0:00: 2 pills (10mg Hydrocodone, 1000mg Tylenol)
    T0:15: 1 more (15mg Hydrocodone, 1500mg tylenol total now)
  5. Yea, I take 35mg with a tolerance..

    Im assuming you have a tolerance since you just got off of morphine.

  6. :eek::eek::eek:


    Speedy recovery man!

    (did you get to keep some of the stones?)
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    ugh.. up to 3 pills now and I am not rocking.

    I think I hate lortab. Dizzy, nauseaous. And not really feelin' good.]

    And thanks Frog
    I got home yesterday night. Was first sick on Thursday, went to the hospital on Monday. Been there since.
  8. ? I just told u to take them.

    How long ago did you ingest?
  9. Sorry. I took 3 before I even posted here

    I took the first two 1 hours, 12 minutes ago
    Then another precisely 57 minutes ago.

    I log this shit, yes. I'm OCD or something
  10. hydrocodone and tylenol will be like childs play after a lot of morphine/dillys
  11. Yeah, I am learning this.

    Whew, dizzy and blasted as fuck. Also very hot. But not happy. Just nauseated. =/

    Morphine didn't really make me feel good, it just kind of helped the pain. It was the dilaudid that fucking rocked. I was puking, screaming hurting one minute. After they gave me that they turned out the lights to let me go to sleep, and I literally sprang a boner. XD

    Dilaudid is some serious stuff. Shame it's IV and apparently unprescribeable.

    But yeah. These lortabs are sucking ass. So nauseated. Not doing these again
  12. dillys are rare but they do make there way onto the streets, you just gotta look around
    -hope for a speedy recovery bro, take it eaze.
  13. oh fuck, I just barfed


    worst pain pills ever. Now I know why i've been so damn nauseous since I left the hospital. I thought it was morphine withdrawal, lol

    But yeah, took two at 8am this morning, then these three and i'm sick as a dog
    Stomach hates lortabs

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