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  1. So I haven't been round these parts for a while, first time organic grower, have a few previous attempts and journals in hydro, DWC and aerogardens before that but I've dropped the bullshit and stepped up to the plate. My first major investment was a 300w kind LED light, hence my name. I now realize this low powered light is now just holding me back and the $600 price tag is no longer enough to overcome my taste for max bud, so I am starting anew...

    Meanwhile I have this perpetual auto LED system in a shop bathroom, I will post pictures momentarily. Similar setups with bubble bucket yielded a QP off a think different Dutch passion auto flower, now going organic for cost effectiveness, taste, nature over science, ease of maintenance, other obvious reasons. Using homemade subsoil supersoil mix circa the OG high times article. Planting one DP auto every two weeks in hopes of a constant eventual harvest and cure.

    Back to what I'm starting here right now. I've gone legit, like seriously legit. 20x36x62" tent coming with 600 watt Apollo hps/mh combo, 6 inch inline fan with carbon filter, two 5 gal smart pots w/ mendo mix soil for two auto mazars Dutch passion, going for big harvests in tent while other perpetual side harvests come in from the LED. The purpose of this is to get up off my ass and to assist in paying my way through school, having a goal and motivation helps ya feel me? Blasting all trim to wax and possibly nug runs as well, vacuum chamber, digital heating pad, AND e nail on the way for good measure lol. Not drug dealing, fund raising. Open to suggestions comments and concerns, yield estimates, etc. love to hear from any fellow blades for advice as always. Wish me luck homies!
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    K so my current setup is four pots of supersoil between 3.5 and 5 gal each, front left mid sized plant is a northern lights auto from vision seeds, biggest plant in back corner is dr krippling incredible bulk, probably about to be cut down along with the tiny gsc bag seed in right corner, she's not taking so well to the soil, must be a heavier feeder cuz the autos are looking fantastic in it. Plant in front right is dp autoblueberry

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  3. Thought I should mention the incredible bulk was a mother plant for a SOG hydro experiment that proved to be more trouble than it was worth, big reason why I'm now in the organic section

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  4. I'll fawks with you

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  5. Current seed stock is two automazars germinating for the future closet hps/mh grow, one polar light auto germinating for the LED grow, also have one more polar and one more blueberry auto for future, as well as one northern lights/big bud auto, have about six different kushes photoperiod fem from chocolate mint og to grizzly purple to black, but plan on focusing on the autos for now, might end up with a perpetual system between the two grows but currently plan on keeping separate since led had done decent in veg and bloom respectively and metal halide light is on its way as well, would like to see how that fares during veg cycle. Never grown with real non LED lights before, what am I to expect?

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  6. Update, I know it's been a while but been stressing over heat. Had vent going through wall but wall was sealed from attic so pressure filled up like a balloon and blew out my duct every time so drilled straight into ceiling for direct flow into attic. Even with that temps were 79 at 50% and 91 at 100% not acceptable so 6 inch cool tube will be here Tuesday considering this setup is perfect for it hopefully that can direct the heat a little more efficiently than old school gull wing hood. Also northern lights auto is in stretch blueberry is showing pistils right behind it will upload pics soon along with tent setup. Both mazars didn't sprout neither did polar light like wtf so now I'm planting a blueberry and a polar light for the tent and a northern lights x big bud auto for the LED garden. I know this is gonna work it fuck I just know it. it has to!
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  7. Here's the closet tent, looking back now 600w might've been a little much with a 4.8 sq ft grow space but I can drop down to 50 or 75% if heat is too much even with cool tube reflector. Photo is with old gullwing reflector. Like I said 2 five gallon smart pots filled with a mix of royal gold basement mix and mendo mix. Roughly 40/60 basement/mendo wanted to lessen strength of fertilizers for auto plants and basement was a less strength mix than the mendo. Very much looking forward to putting these in the pots, I see stems hiding in the sponges ready to pop their gorgeous leaves up! Either putting the blueberry and polar light in the tent or the Mazar which might be coming up as well, I'll update when I start seeing sprouts but in the mean time...

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  8. So the blueberry has stretched a little more than I'd like as a side effect of having to raise the light for the NL auto which is well into the stretch and budding. Really hoping that my infatuation with new closet tent will spare the LED plants a few weeks of maturing that I usually don't have the patience to let play out like it should. Would like to see how much denser the buds develop under LED. Also don't have to worry about flushing now that I've kissed hydro and those chemicals goodbye. Feels good! Can't wait to taste that blueberry

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  9. Cool I also have some nl autos going different seed company though

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  10. Going with another NL auto with the blueberry as second polar light got tore up by pests so now blueberry and NL in closet tent and flowering NL and blueberry along with two sprouts one NLxbig bud one blackberry og in LED room
  11. I just ordered some autos too, lets see how this goes.

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