Not working sucks!

Discussion in 'General' started by kushMan89, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I thought having a part time job was bad enough, because i was only making about $600 a month, but now i'm suspended from work and might not get my job offered back over some stupid bullshit. Now i have to spent the next month or so searching craigs list and emailing people my resume. Plus i can't smoke as much as i like to and i might have to downgrade to mids =-/ But as a bonus i get to be on GC more often, haha! Anyone else not working currently?

  2. Unfortunately. I've been looking for a job for the longest time.
  3. It's a bitch aint it? Luckily my family still loves me and they send me money from time to time. I just really feel useless when I'm not working. I get all anxious like I should be doing something.

  4. dude thats what i thought a year and 2 months ago when i lost my job. i figured well now i can chill and smoke and just peruse GC all day and now i dont have to hide my tracks like i was having to do at work. but no, its like now that i can i dont do it. i usually just play video games or watch tv.

    sure you will do it for a while but you will start to notice all the retarded people that come on here and talk about some of the stupidest crap that you have no interest in.

  5. I'm already noticing that, haha!
  6. Learn to freelance in the global marketplace! Good money if you can keep yourself motivated.

    No experience required, but you really have to be passionate about being self sufficient.
  7. I feel for all you guys. I was laid off my job about two years ago and it took me almost a year and a half to find a job. I'm in california and we had a ridiculous unemployement rate for the longest time. It was so bad that I was sending my resume out for dishwasher and busboy positions at restaurants and was still being turned down. All I can tell you is to keep on trying and keep on trying!
  8. Man, I was about to put in my 2 week notice at target b/c I was just so sick of it. Sorting boxes out of a truck for 2 hrs, going all around the store putting stuff on the shelves, clearing trash...etc. But not having a job really sucks after awhile, sitting on the house doing nothing takes a toll on you in more ways then one. So I'm grateful to have a crap job, but I am looking around for another one :D

    Keep looking, everyday, go into stores, search online, do what you can. But enjoy your leisure time while you can!
  9. Its like that here too. I was applying for the crappiest jobs, like the person who collects carts at target. The only way to get a job it seems is if you know someone who can hook you up.
  10. I still have my job as of Now*, but during the winter and holliday season, the survey business gets a little slow. So they told us to expect layoffs here pretty soon. So i am in the process of building a resume(2-3 day project lol) so i can hopefully find something easy and small to keep me going. But don't give up looking.... the jobs are out there, so i have been told.

    Or... ifyou are a girl... for some reason, they can get jobs by the numbers. I am sure waitressing sucks, but damn... cute girls have some easy job hunting...
  11. You're so right. My girl has gotten so many more calls than me. Must be cause she's cute! haha But I was told that women clothes shops will hire male employees because they need to have some dudes workin there too. I just dont know if i can handle working in a place like that!:eek:
  12. Yup... I really need a job :mad:

    the times are a changin'
  13. Just keep searchin' man you'll find something. Looking for a job is a full-time job itself. You really gotta put yourself out there and spend hours upon hours just filling out applications or tweaking your resume. Good luck!
  14. Good advice man. Thanks:)
  15. its all about that manual labor. The migrant farm workers won't even bat an eye at the fact that you TERK THUR JAHHBBBBSSS
  16. Shit man times are tough right now and you have to take what you can get.
  17. Being unemployed definitely sucks.

    I thank my lucky stars that I'm partner at a software development company and not out there sending out resumes.
  18. *Boing Woing Woing Woing*

  19. Hahaha well that wud be part of the problem forsure
  20. Yeah...I got some bullshit pulled on me on my last job, I got hired as a cashier and have a slight heart problem, they made me work outside in the sun all day and wouldn't even give me water...They said I could stay and do that for 40 hrs a week or I could get 3-4 hours a week as a now iv'e been jobless for like 2 months or so...I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE...I feel useless...I hate waking up anymore:(:(

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