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Not welcome in head shop?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rootsphere_Farms, Feb 12, 2014.

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    So I've been to this head shop before, and have bought from it.

    I run in there to pick up a new downstem and am looking at the pieces, the owner or whoever was at the counter said "hey yu, come here" he asked for my ID.

    After about 40 seconds of him mumbling and scratching his head looking at my ID(I don't think he even knew english or was just joking around) he looked up at me and I could make out him say "no" I said I was 20 is there something wrong he just weirdly smiled like he thought I was 15 and said "no" you could tell by his body language that he didn't want me in there. So I left. What can I do about this idiot?
  2. If you've purchased from there before, was he there? If he's just the cashier I'd say keep going there just to fuck with him. If it's the manager, fuck with him even more by going to another shop if there is one in your area.
  3. Fuck him take your business else where!
  4. I don't know who he is. Most likely the owner. But is it illegal for him to do that or what
    it's not illegal for him to do that at all..
    just shop somewhere else.
  6. If that happened to me I would never go there again. If my money isn't wanted by one place, there's others to shop in where I'll feel welcome and appreciated.
  7. I've been to most every shop in my area, and I've only seen them pull that kinda stunt on minors. One of my favorite shops is run by an older guy and he'll turn out minors no problem, but is the absolute friendliest guy you could talk to!
  8. It's not illegal for him to eject you from private property. That being said I'm a dick and would go back til the fuck gave me a good reason.
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    Accidentally knock over his shelf/table
    shit on his desk
    pick one
  10. fuck it, might as well do both
  11. Headshops and growshops are overpriced as it is, I only shop there to support them in the first place. Get your shit online and save some money.
  12. #12 Rootsphere_Farms, Feb 12, 2014
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    Yeah I normally do,I just happened to stop in this headshop(I usually go to another one anyway) welp at least I know I'm never going back
    As far as I'm concerned this guy doesn't need to be owning a store though, he can't even speak english or do simple addition for that matter. How does he even run the cash machine.
  13. Idk from what I've read all I could come up is that you left on your own free will. I don't understand what you're complaining about

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  14. First of all, don't show any personal info unless the situation warrants it. Browsing does not. If he doesn't want you in his store, that's the way it goes. With that in mind, there is no reason to go back. Why make a potential problem for yourself? Move on.
  15. Yeah I wouldn't have given him my ID to begin with. 
    Who the fuck does this guy think he is? If he asked me to produce my ID i'd ask him to produce his. I'd probably just leave the store at that point. Like, what the fuck? 
    Never go back to that shop, dude seems like a real prick. 
  16. fuck that, go somewhere else man
  17. Yea screw him. Headshops never get minors that bring fake id. They never have leo intentionally sending in under age people. They are never the focus of attention of do good groups trying to set them up to get them out of town. Yea, He was definetly an asshole. You should have destroyed his property, cursed at him, and maybe thrown in a few personal insults. That would teach him.
  18. Go back to his store and ask to see a piece, check it out then leave. Go to a different headshop, buy a piece then go back to his with your new piece. Then take it out and laugh in his face.

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