Not very exciting, just some creepy shit

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  1. K so me and my friend decided to take a random walk on some railroads tracks, just to chill out and enjoy the walk. Well as we're 5 minutes into the walk we notice a cross (somebody got hit by a car, So they put a cross there to mark where he died. We didn't stop to look or anything as we've both seen it before. About 30 seconds after we pass it, some bad scary chills run through me and my friend tells me somebody is following us. As I look around I see a middle aged guy who looks like his holding a Togo box of food. His facial expression is blank and he's walking pretty fast but it doesn't look like he's moving at all! He's currently around 120 feet behind us so I don't think much about it. He's not on the railroads tracks where we were, but on the hill that leads up to the railroad tracks. Fast forward 5 minutes, I look back and see that the man is now on the railroad tracks and 30 ( I'm just guessing here guys ) feet behind us. I tell my friend and he picks up a small bolt that was keeping the railroad connected to the wooden logs and we turn around and hes gone! If he walked, even ran away we would still be able to see him(we were in a pretty open area) and know were freaked out. So yeah that's my creepy experience I wanted to share! Sorry for any spelling mistakes I'm. Ur depth on my iPod.
  2. Crazy maybe it was the guy who got hit by the car or train... GHOST!!!!!!!!
  3. That is some creepy shit, probably a ghost or some kinda hobo. or worst, a hobo ghost :eek:.
  4. I trip the fuck out if shady people follow me. It's only happened like once in my life, but damn... sooo of my biggest fears.
  5. Shoulda been like... "WHERED THAT ***** GO?!"

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