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    First of all hi I'm new to this website (not too new to smoking).

    Second, I've been smoking only weed since February of this year. I probably only smoke about 1 to 3 grams a MONTH. Maybe if I actually had a job I would be smoking a lot more. But my brother's a dealer and he taught the basics to smoking. But now he's not really around much any more so I can't ask him to help me with these questions.

    The picture below are the pieces I own. For my Roor, I obviously know it's a bong, but because I only have a bowl for it, I can't use water in it. (although it may seem that way, the bottom of my bong where it kind of looks like a bubble, it isn't solid. it's all open down there). So clearly it's a bong, but is it called a mini bong? Or anything? Is it just called a bong? Whenever I try to look up things about bongs, people always talk about them as if they had water in their bongs too. I showed my friend when i first got it, and he's like "aw nice mini bong!" so i wasn't sure if that's what it's called either.

    My other question was because of the size of my two pieces, does the question "bong hit vs. pipe hit" really apply here? I'm gonna do a lot of adventuring around the Grasscity forums for answers to my other questions, I just wasn't sure where to put this post.


    + adding on, what if I rolled and made a tin foil tube that was the size of my bowl-stem thing, and connected it to the bowl and put water in the bottom?
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    That is fake as fuck. But I'm pretty sure its a mini bong, or just a small straight tube
  3. Just a regular straight tube, it's just small. I guess you could call it a hollowfoot if you wanted because of the base.

    That's not a real roor btw. incase you didn't already know

  4. ...what...

  5. makes complete sense..
  6. [quote name='"Skrutting"']


    Well its a fake RooR. You didnt know?

  7. Well now I'm pissed haha, what makes it fake?
  8. It's not made by RooR haha
  9. Its basically a bootleg RooR. Just a regular bong with the RooR sticker on it
  10. Also I gave my brother 50 bucks to go to a beach and buy me a bubbler and he said he did but then his friend smashed it. which he lied about, he got a bowl instead but he told me I could have the bong and the bowl I posted so I'm not complaining..
  11. dat shit's fake homie
  12. That sucks for your brother, I would do the same and sorry for skimming past that part about your bowl.

  13. thanks for the LOL
  14. Use a pencil to determine how long of a downstem you need and then go buy/order one. As far as what to call it, it's just a bong. It's small so you could call it a mini bong, but it really doesn't matter. Haha try filling it with water right to the joint on the bowl for some stemless action.
  15. god the chinese arent even trying anymore

  16. I thought that was extremely funny for some reason...

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