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Not too sunny place

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Razpet200, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Hello. I was thinking for a long time, and decided that this spring, I start growing. There is a little problem, though: there are many animal hunters in my area (small town with sorrounding villages), and they've been known for always reporting marijuana plants if they found any. They reported growplaces to the police, which took control of those plants. I have, however, found a nice place of which I'm sure that no hunters will discover it. It's kinda grown with thorns and stuff, and I've never seen any hunters nor animals in that area. If I get that place cleaned up, I could easily plant about 5 plants, maybe more. The problem is, that area is kinda shadowy. As I said, it's kinda hidden, so that also means not much sunlight will get to the plants growing there. They would get SOME sunlight, but not as much as some growers described here on this forum. Will the plants still be able to make a decent yield?
  2. I'm doing my first grow right now and have two plants in a not so sunny spot, but they have been growing well. From what I know sun is one of the most important things, and you will get a better yield with more direct sun. But as long as they are not just in shade all day you should be able to grow some reasonable plants imo.
  3. Wait a second, you are growing outdoors in winter?
  4. Nah I dont live in america
  5. But you said that you do... And what do you mean by the fact that you don' live in America? Watafak man :)
  6. No I didnt say that I do.. you drunk? lol

    And what I mean by "I dont live in America" is exactly that...

    Im in a different country where the weather seasons are different.
  7. Your plants will stretch to the high heavens to find the sun and the buds might even be airy... maybe try cutting some trees/branches down.

    My spot gets around 8hrs of direct sun light and then in the afternoon the sun goes beside the trees and no more direct sun just shady sun lol
  8. I would say if thats all you got to work with than go for it.. you don't need a huge yield to reap the rewards of growing.. as spike weed says can you drop some limbs?

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