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  1. A few weeks ago, me and two of my friends are driving around, at about 4:00 in the morning on a saturday. It was prom weekend and we were right by the police station, getting ready tohead to another friends house. My friendand I are both out of school now, but neither of us have a license. my other friend does, though he isn't driving at the time. It's my friend that isn't legally allowed to drive, who is driving the other kids car...Anyway

    We get pulled over for what he says was the driver not using turn signals, which he did. I believe, he was just being an ass, harassing us because of the circumstances of the weekend. He pulled us all out of the car one by one, asking us what we were doing and why we had what he found in the car, which was my bowl and some screens, all resin'd up. i had stashed them there because we were in a big open parking lot, he would have seen them had I thrown them somewhere.

    He reaches in the drivers pocket, who has, a car lighter bowl, a grinder, and an 1/8, as well as some stray dollar bills and pocket change. The cop only pulls out the grinder and the bowl. when asked about the "lighter" my friend says it was for shits-and-giggles then the cop puts it back into my friends pocket. he keeps the grinder. when we were each asked how much we had our individual replies were.

    Me: None, he didn't find anything on me, and I showed no signs of being High. so I wasn't about to incriminate myself.

    the Driver: about a joint, he was like me, having dealt with police many times before, he was calm and cautious

    the other kid: A lot sir. Man, this kid was so scared and worried, he was crying for a period of time, he finished everything he said with sir and was whimpering the whole time. i won;t give him any shit for it, but it won;t make me not laugh when i think about it.

    Anyway he made the kid throw away the grinder and my bowl that he took, dropped them in the dumpster nearby, called us a taxi, and we went to my friends house a few blocks away. my friend that had the weed on him, didn't even know until we got back to his house. He was getting ready to roll a joint just before we got pulled over, so he had it all in his pocket and he just forgot about it completely. We ended up getting off scott free, the only casualties being the bowl and grinder.. or were they..

    the next morning the kid whos car it was went home, and me and my other friend got a ride to the scene and got back my bowl and his grinder. I was satisfied.

    and the 1/8, we smoked the majority of it that night, saved a hefty bowl pack for the next morning.
  2. Not on Rex Manning day!!!!

    SOrry, title reminded me of that,.

    But nice story
  3. haha yeah dude perfect story
  4. nice story, hope cops in my area are wreckless enough to not even find an 1/8 :p

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