Not to be a downer on this site, but...

Discussion in 'General' started by Color Hug, May 24, 2006.

  1. I'm seeing a LOT of bad info/suggestions on this site. Make sure to educate yourself about drug usage before offering advice.

    Erowid is a great place to start. :)

    I just don't want people getting hurt or killed. Also you should know that studies have shown on average the human brain stops its main development at the age of 20. Think about that before you put mind altering substances into it at a younger than 20 age. Why not let you brain grow to its peek then play?

    I'm not trying to flame or piss anyone off, it's just a little scary to see someone suggest taking "ccc's" or dipping your joints that you plan on burning in a substance that contains hydro bromide which when burned turns into a very bad tar for your lungs.

    Be safe and educate! :wave:
  2. What!?! So I shouldnt smoke crack?!?! Joor crazy bietch!!!


    But no, I agree :smoke:, no more crack :eek:
  3. Thanks, mom.
  4. Eh, seems like some of you need a little direction... :D
  5. there are quite a few that post stupid shit, but for the most part there are people that are quick to correct the dumbasses :)
  6. Okay, I am very new here so I didn't know. :)
  7. and why do you think you have the right to judge people here?:rolleyes:
  8. Well a lot of the posts I've seen in the last 2 days were full of bad info/advice. That is why. I'm not trying to be harsh, I'm just saying educate yourself with REAL info not street info...
  9. I agree that you should no what your talking about before posting shit you don't know but i also agree with tokin, theres a bunch of people who correct them/ point them in the right dirrection. But guys hes just trying to help a fellow gc blade out hes lookin out for da city ease up
  10. I really think this thread is unnecessary. As long as there are people, there are stupid people. And then there are people who seek to correct them.

    Thanks for trying, though.
  11. So you're making a post about the info you've gathered in 2 days, while these forums have been here for about 5 years?
  12. Way to make a new comer feel welcomed, hes just trying to offer help and you gusy are snapping back at him. This is a forum where people offer their advice to others to learn from, if you dont agree, take it elsewhere.

    Be a positive Pete
    Not a negative Nancy.

  13. true that..

    light them crack rocks up seriously

  14. First ColorHug comes to flame us, then we respond and I received a -rep from him.

    Can we get a ban?

  15. Most people on GC will tell everybody that CCC's are really bad for you. And I also agree smoking any pill or any of that dippin joints/blunts in script cough medecine. But there are ALOT of people on GC who know what theyre doing.

    EDIT: I didnt read the other posts first man.
  16. i agree with color hug, you are totally correct
  17. Hrm, I have given no one negative reputation... and it was not a flame just a heads up or something...
  18. I find this whole situation humorus. I would contribute, but there is nothing to be contributed.

  19. Laughs at fart, HAHAHAHA! :D JOE>
  20. you all need to chill....colorhug is just looking out 4 fellow blades. taking triple cs and dipping your blunt in something is something you shouldnt really do.

    everyone needs to smoke a joint (not dipped in anything) and relax.

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