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  1. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Hey here is Eileens babies! Rosemary & Myra .....Not looking as healthy as her mother but much much better branch structure and my god does it make a difference add the LST ontop and you have clone city or super node junction! Either way im very happy with how following Old schools advice has helped me, this is my 2nd grow.... ive been so busy unfortunately a death in my close family has had a big impact and maybe ive neglected my ladies a little, they are growing at an alarming rate but i dont know if its humidity or the temperature drop during the 6 hours darkness, i know nothing on humidity but it didnt affect eileen (these girls now ingested/toked Mother)...i wanna get those leaves pointing up and not dropping before going 12:12 or shall i just go for it and then put this down to i coulda done better....i really dont know how the buds will turn out on my babies other than it has soooo much potential due to the topping, super cropping and LSTing, lst'd only 1 week ago! any advice is most welcome and i hope you all have a great successful green fingered year!

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  2. Eilleen babies now a sticky resinous mess in my jars....never knew it could take so long to do a couple of topped, then supercropped and then LST'd.....worked out a treat! This is my second grow, so I'm happy!

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  3. Looks good, oh no, LnB cigs :O . Should take just as long to do 10 as it would for 2 ;) I used to worry also about how far away the light was.... Until I put in 2 intake fans pumping fresh air in, a big circulation fan and 2 fans for extraction of hot stale air... Now I keep my bulb much closer than 18 inches (when my grow is organised and not catching up a few). Whoever said money doesnt grow on trees is an idiot... Even if you dont sell it, you will save what you would of spent with the dealers. Keep it up, you will always learn new techniques and will always be perfecting your own unique style. Good luck

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