Not the usual set up! Advice please

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  1. Also just how far away should HID be from her? dont wanna tan her ass just yet haha!
  2. thanx so much iowd......any ideas on those leaves, only the top left pic really shows what i mean, they sorta look shrivelled and abit waxy....kinda worrying now! thanx again for the excellent chart. im looking at about 7 to 8 '' on a 400 with this, cheers
  3. P.S - Im not being lazy i have trawled through loads of crap, but the best info iv had has been off you and OS so i promise not to bug you forever!!! Iam trying to learn!!!
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    A lot of people Hang a string or chain or wire from there hood a measured distance that way they can visually see just how far there hood is from the top of the plant.

    I'm not really seeing anything wrong with your plant. Nutrient demand changes as she flowers and there is a redirection to grow buds instead of height and width.
  5. nice one, im considering buying a proper grow tent now as too many probs with holes here and there, if i had my way the place would look like swiss cheese but dont wanna disturb any neighbours or cause any my option is to pump air into the loft space that nobody has access to even us, but then where would it go....i guess just out through the just in a dilemma haha!
  6. Ninja DIY skills. If its a loft most likely it has soffit vents. A roof or attic does need to be vented so that humidity does not build up in it. Do you live in like an apartment in a house? If you can get some pictures of the space where you'd like to vent to or at least draw a picture of whats going on some help may be offered on the situation at hand. Never underestimate the creativity of people. I understand the need and want to up-size. I would love a room big enough to walk around and fully have access to everything I need in the room.
  7. here is a recent pic that shows those leaves...there almost always on a pre-flower leaf and just the 1st or second it possible there getting damage from the fan being on it constantly, like a kinda windburn..? I really need to figure this out....have scrubbed the whole room from top to bottom..took me all day but worth it, the plant looks health its not losing any colour and the pre-flowers are looking like they wanna burst!!!

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  8. yeah it's just a basic 2 door closet, about 35'' has thick doors and its about 2.5m to the ceiling which leads straight into the loft, i live in an apartment block with 4 others luckily im the only one on top but it is rented and although no one has been in that loft in 5 years they could at any point, i would just worry about the stagnant air! Any ideas on those it coz I'm not giving her the correct CO2 at the moment??? :smoke:

  9. Missevo, I don't see anything to worry about. Color's good, seems happy. A couple of crispy leaf tips in the earlier set of pics but that happens. As long as it doesn't spread you should be OK.
    Keep watching the runoff of your pH, don't over-water, and keep the air circulating as best you can without blowing her over. I like to see the leaves flutter lightly, which keeps moisture from developing between two leaves that are touching. When this happens the bottom wet leaf will usually get burn spots from where the water droplets magnify the light intensity.

    Your earlier question on light distance - Lowd put up a good chart. As a general rule, I like to keep my 400W about 10" from the top of the plant directly under it. In your case, one plant only, center it and set the light up from that center point. Hold the back of your hand on top of the plant for about 30 seconds - if your hand is uncomfortable, the plant will be too. Warm, OK. Hot, no-no.

    Will check back on you tomorrow night.
  10. thanks olde school!!! it is spreading tho, the pic above doesnt do it justice today, they seem sorta burnt, curled up and it had now spread from the back right to the front cola, its nearly all the new leaves not the fans so could it be a defiencey coz its defo getting worse each day, now im nervous!
  11. Woooohoooo! i feel all grown up now my HPS kit arrived haha!

    heres my set up so far guys

    she's warm at 10'' but nicely! I know that i really have no vent system other than partial window and the 20'' fan......should i back off using the HPS until my carbon filter with 5'' TT extractor come? that could be a week! if its okay to keep her in there with that fan, it's a good 80f now, as she only has this amont of space so should i flower her straight away or hang in there & carry on being a patient bastard haha?? sorry for question time...... again you have my eternal love forever if i produce my own smoke, and seriously this is just for me n me back, i dont plan on huge huge yields!

    Now in terms of nutes i found an NPK of 7-7-7 could anybody tell me if thats ok, im not trying to win hightimes or anything so really buying into spending a shit ton of nutes, a nice ph & organic grow is what im looking for!

    so much thanx to u all to getting me this far!

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    Hmmm, can't see anything like that but you said the pics don't do justice.
    You won't have a CO2 deficiency if there's any air turnover in the room.
    All I can suggest is be diligent of the basics -
    Don't over-water, don't over-feed.
    Do everything you can to keep temps no higher than 82F.
    Try setting your fan on the floor at the door, turn off oscillation, turn it to high & let the fan pull the air out of the closet. Not recommended for blooming, but if the smell is tolerable during veg, that could cure your heat problem until your carbon scrubber arrives.
    Do you have cats or dogs that go in & out? Do YOU spend time outdoors then go into your grow closet? Check for bugs. You'll need a decent magnifying glass; 10X is sufficient & not expensive.

    Anytime you suspect problems, check pH every time you put anything through the dirt - water or nutes. You MUST have a way of doing this, can't over-stress the importance of a proper pH range. If you don't have a pH meter, invest $8 in a bottle of General Hydroponics reagent drops. It is not the most granular method, generally reads on 0.5 increments, but it will keep you out of trouble.Have you checked the pH of your run-off whenever you watered her? What was it? Growing in dirt, a range of 6.3 to 7.0 will keep lockout from occuring, while 6.5 to 6.8 is ideal.

    7-7-7 sounds like a commercial grade fertilizer; I can't comment on what the recommended mixture strength would be for that; and I doubt it will have any of the micronutrients you need for a successful dirt grow. As long as you suspect problems I would stay away from that, in favor of something more organic.

    I'm hydro & haven't used dirt since my outdoor days, long time ago, so I can't recommend specifics for indoor dirt. You should be able to find some good organic tea recipes in the Organic Growing sections here. I know worm poop and bat do-do are great, and you don't have to train them to crap in your dirt- you can buy the stuff. Compost (horse is better than cow, mule is best of all), neem cake, bone meal, fish meal, kelp, molasses, they all work wonders in the right ratios, but again, I won't stray into an area I have no recent experience with. Check this thread instead:
    Let us know about that pH and post some more pic's as soon as you can.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  13. hey Oldie she's bending over like a good girl!

    heres day 2 of 400w HPS desperate to flower so dya reckon a few day more of 18/6 or get her on 12/12 now coz her pre-flowers looked glorious this morning!

    the ph was 7.2 but i wont have a real accurate recording of the temp til tonight i only had a mesurement up to 80f at it was hitting we'll see, she's also 20'' away from the masterblaster!

    anyway tell us what u think dude

    many thanks again! missevo

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  14. some pix i missed....also temp at 84f i can do at the moment but not bad!!!

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  15. Heh heh, like a good girl, love it.
    If I were high enough, that second pic could convince me she's growing out of the toilet!!
    I think you're ready to switch her to 12/12. Your side nodes are already going vertical, which is what you wanted to accomplish with the LST. And I'll bet that will roughly double, maybe even triple your yield Vs where you started with a bean stalk ;)
    She still looks healthy, but I would really work hard on getting that pH down. 7.2 is enough to start causing lockout.The quickest way is to flush her thoroughly with a few gallons of RO-water, If you dont have access to RO (WalMart sells it for drinking), then use regular water pH-ed to around 6.0. Flush until you get about 25% volume of run-off, then check the pH of the run-off to see if it came down. Repeat as necessary, and check the pH every time until you get it back to between 6.5 and 6.8

    BTW, if you're interested in going organic for your next grow, start your research now. It can take a good organic soil mix a couple of months to percolate & develop all the beneficial microbes needed for a worry free grow. I'm completely satisfied with my hydro techniques, but I do envy the organic growers who could give a shit less what their pH is, or what their nute strength should be. It's all built in. One of these days when I'm bored and out of other project ideas I'm going to give it a try.

    Be watching for more updates from you.
  16. hey man soz been caught up in the busyness of everything! have her in her 3rd day pix yet as im letting her adapt to it so trying not to move her about...

    i took some 2 clones before flowering now i have a separate cupboard for these but could you tell me if i should go straight into 18/6.....i have them in a dome and im using the 45w LED on it at the mo, the leaves look perky so far....any advice on lighting with these coz i was thinking is it possible to leave these veg under the HID whilst mummy is flowering then i could put them in the LED room or is that just plain crazy!?? hope u have been well peeps! missevo !
  17. Id leave it on 24/7 if you can with out a heat issue.
  18. thanks for all the help peeps....yep got them babies under 24/7 LED

    heres mumma on day 4 of 12/12

    ....thanks so much for getting me this far.....smelling delightful too, but a little worrying with weeks to go!


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  19. any basic tips for flowering much appreciated, soil grow 400w HPS

    olde school u should see her stem now its like a trunk and the bend!

    dont wanna keep disturbing her light cycle but pix to follow soon of day 6

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