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  1. I have a hood made up that I am using to veg that consists of two 175w mh and two 40w t-12's. I am going to switch to a 600w hps for flowering. My question is would it be benificial in any way to put the hood with the mh on its side, in essence using it as one of my walls, and use it during flowering? Or would it hurt or not make any difference?
  2. More light is always better just make sure your plants dont get burnt by them...
  3. ^This.
  4. even with the higher spectrum of light? It wont make my buds stretch will it?
  5. MH bulbs put out light in a bluer spectrum. Since the blues are closer to UV than the reds, the MH puts out some UV as well. More light will help regardless, but the benefit of MH during flowering is the output of UVB, which increases bud potency. Unfortunately (for MJ) most glass, inclusing that on the bulb, blocks UV. The enhanced spectrum bulbs add some wattage in the blue ranges to help. And if you want more UVB, get a reptile bulb... i haven't tried it yet, but I'll be doing so this coming grow.

    Use as much HPS lighting as you can during flowering, any more lighting sure won't hurt, and add some UVB bulbs if you want.
    ^check those links out
  6. I have two 10,000k bulbs from when I had reef tank. Right now I am using one of those and one 6500k I bought from htg. If better I will switch back to two 10000k bulbs?

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